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  • Dave

    This case of Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec will be the best chance we’ll get to see if the UCI under Brian Cookson’s leadership is any more serious about cleaning up the sport than it was under Pat McQuaid.

    The big problem they have had so far (e.g. with the Astana licence and the aborted Kreuziger appeal) has been with their rules being so leaky they may as well not exist at all. All those rules were inherited from the McQuaid era, but this team suspension rule is a new one created by the Cookson regime so it should be nothing short of watertight.

  • Ben

    Think TJ won, not one, the last 2 years…

    • Andy Logan

      Seems like he was told to race the Vuelta or gently persuaded if you will…..

      • velocite

        It would be great to get the inside story on recent events. And will we find out in the next couple of days whether BMC will be Ritchie Porte’s new team and where TJ fits, if at all?

        • jules

          TJ gets a bad rap but he’s continued to improve and rode a strong Tour up until he got sick this year. as much as I’d love Richie to succeed, I’m unsure he’s a clear leader ahead of TJ.

          • velocite

            I agree, lots of uncertainty. TJ has done well this year, but that abandon was unusual. And Ritchie? I’ve always been sceptical of the ‘will always have a bad day’ assessment, just because I can’t see a physiological explanation for it, but his record does include health issues. Just bad luck? Probably, but who knows? Grand tours, the huge demands they make, both mental and physical, I can only imagine.

  • RWH

    Love the Wiggle Honda video, cracking insight into a “day in the life” especially for a race such as this.
    Some fantastic characters coming to the fore in female cycling, especially amongst the Australians. Thanks CT

  • velocite

    I agree, that Wiggle Honda video is great. It’s actually a terrific little movie about a team in a bike race. And I thought the race was great too.

  • Paolo

    Colombians and doping? Only happens to the untalented ones who don’t make it to Europe….


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