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  • velomonkey

    Zero comments!!!!! Then I am proud to say: FUCK YEA!!!!! Great ride, my man. I was rooting for you and it made me feel good to see you take the KOM!!!!!

  • Ertra Natna

    What an incredible moment. You made Africa and Eritrea in particular very proud! This is just the beginning.

  • Hyun-ji Song

    Its a great achievment, but I do wonder how aggressive he will be and whether he can stick with some of the GC guys on the major climbs in the latter part of the race.

  • Michael Sproul


    Anything on this guys? Bit of a mixed up story and doesn’t seem to have happened at the Tour but it’s the first I’ve read about it. Any racism needs to be stamped out immediately!

    • Daniel Teklehaimanot was refusing to answer questions about this at the start of stage 7. And I don’t blame him: sure, it’s terrible, but it happened at a different race and has nothing to do with the Tour or him taking the KOM jersey.

      • Timiji

        I only partially agree, Matt. I fully support Daniel Teklehaimanot for refusing to answer questions about this… the questions shouldn’t be directed at him – they should be directed at the perpetrators and their teams. But the incident does have to do with the MTN team, and the incident (while not related to the tour) deserves air time to expose this particular underbelly of the sport. Just as CT supports the fight against doping, and promotes women’s cycling through the most awesome Ella site, there is plenty of room, and plenty of reason, to expose these racist attitudes and stomp all over them – in the name of fair play, equality and inclusion.

      • Michael Sproul

        It’s a strange article really, it seems The Telegraph is trying to overshadow his achievements with clickbait headlines about racism in the Tour that never happened at the Tour. Either way I hope this shit gets dealt with and I’m disappointed to read about it wherever it happened. Timiji +1

        • Timiji

          Yeah, the Telegraph article is all over the place… a mash up of Tour de France results and Tour of Austria controversy. Don’t drink THAT kool aid! :)

  • Derek Maher

    Great bit of cycling to gain the polka dot jersey.Those African cyclists could well follow in the footsteps of their fellow Track athletes and sweep the board in the coming years.Daniel has put down a marker for the future.


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