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  • Derek Maher

    Interesting read on female cycling mechanic,s.One thing I have not noticed in the womens pro teams are ladies keeping the bikes race fit.
    The UCI run a pro cycling mechanics course gender open.Yet not one lady seems to have taken up the option.Okay it costs money but it might be good publicity for a pro female team sponser to help out on that score ?.The UCI also run courses for female Team directors another possible job for a lady.

    • Jessi Braverman

      There are several female team directors in the women’s pro peloton – Ina Teutenberg (Team USA), Mari Holden (Team Twenty16), Rachel Heal (UHC) – who has also directed the UHC men’s team in Europe – and Beth Duryea (Velocio-SRAM). I know there are more but those are the four that spring to mind first. Add female team managers Rochelle Gilmore (Wiggle Honda), Krist Scrymgeour (Velcio-SRAM), Linda Jackson (Team TIBCO) to that list. I’m equally impressed with the men that are committed to the growth and development of women’s cycling (as opposed to those who see it as a stepping stone to a job within men’s cycling) like Danny Stam (Boels), Egon van Kessel (Wiggle), Martin Barras (ORICA-AIS) and Koos Moerenhout (Rabo).

      • Derek Maher

        Thanks for the list Jessi,I only mentioned the UCI team director course in case any lady out there was interested.
        Keep the news rolling in.


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