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  • jules

    it’s a shame that such a fertile topic for humour is apparently out of bounds :(

    glad to hear Basso is doing well though.

    • Andy B

      Even considering making fun of this situation is terrible! you’ve really dropped the ball

      • jules

        the survival rate is like 99% and the operation was successful. I know it’s cancer but he’s already planning to ride again. also I am inappropriate.. sorry.

        • Andy B

          Perhaps I was too subtle

          • jules

            I thought you were breaking my balls

      • Jessy Vee

        No need to get testy. :)

        In all seriousness, I wish Ivan the very best with his recovery. And I wish his family well, as this news has probably brought up memories of his mother who passed away 10 years ago after a battle with Cancer.

  • Tom Wells

    I thought it was general good practice to have some sort of chemotherapy after surgery anyway just in case it’s in the bloodstream? I’m no doctor so I could be wrong, but I was certain that treatment continued AFTER surgery, at least for a while.

    • when it’s not spread you can follow patients with blood tests and periodic CT scans, but you’re right that most of the time there’s some form of adjuvant therapy like chemo or radiation

  • digi

    Get well soon!!!!!

    People who like to make fun will have their own day of reckoning.


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