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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
  • roklando

    Did he wait for Cancellara when he crashed while wearing yellow? Didn’t he attack the yellow jersey – who also happened to be his own team leader – on the same slopes? Also, it seems “this is not what this race is about” is Froome’s favorite line these days….not the most inspiring rider.

    • Wookie

      I remember in the 2013 tour Froome complained about contador attacking him on the descents. Whilst Nibali’s actions, if Froome’s claims are true, are pretty scummy, I’m also starting to get the impression Froome has a bit of a pompous sense of entitlement about him – ?whenever someone successfully attacks, he whinges? Maybe? I’ve certainly found it very hard to like him since those 2013 complaints (the outrage – having to actually respond to attacks on a descent!)…Incidentally, I thought what Contador did to Schleck was also pretty scummy.

      • Dave

        I saw nothing wrong with Contador not waiting for Schleck, crossing his chain was a rider error and not a genuine mechanical.

        • jakub

          Moreover, you could clearly see that Schleck first launched an attack which Vinokourov and Contador tried to follow, and soon after his acceleration the chain went off. So it wasn’t the case that Contador noticed Schleck’s chain went off and then surged away.

  • Ricardo

    Unsportsmanlike? Haven’t seen that in any sport for quite some time now.

  • Dave

    Yes, we really need to be going back to the days where anyone else had to ask Eddy’s permission before going on the attack.

    • 900Aero

      Or the Badger. Or the Boss. Or Spartacus………
      In a stage race, its good manners to call an impromptu truce where you can if the other contenders are in non-racing difficulty. Always a subjective matter though.

      • KJ

        you think Nibali is a contender?

  • pedr09

    Whether you like Froome or not, he has a point. Comparing other incidents is mostly about justification so you ask yourself – “Do you attack the yellow jersey when you see they have had a mechanical?” The answer is either yes or no. If you answer “no”, then what Nibali did was unsportsmanlike. All too easy to say “I didn’t see”.

    • Whippet

      It did appear that Nibali attacked when he noticed the mechanical. The issue pointed out above is that Froome whinges a bit, so some of us don’t feel much sympathy for him. Also, as Dave noted, it looked like Schleck’s chain drop as it happened, so could have been interpreted by Nibali as rider error.

  • Capo Grouppo

    Did he really attack Froome? I don’t think so. He was 7th on GC, approx 8 mins back. The riders whose podium spots were under threat from his attack didn’t seem too concerned so Froome has nothing to complain about.

    • Dave

      Very true.

      Perhaps the best response to Froome should be left up to Joe Dolce’s mama…


    • sli1

      The Stage was at stake not the GC. Nibali was 8 minutes back. I don’t see why anyone would wait for the yellow jersey when the incident was only ever going to influenece a stage win – not Froome’s GC position.

      At the same time, why did Nibali bother lying when asked about it. What was wrong with saying “I wanted to go for the stage win and I was no longer a threat to yellow jersey at this stage of the race.”

  • Karl

    So when Sky attack and dominate, you ventilate suspicions of doping. But when Nibali attacks and Froome is left without a team mate and Quintana takes time off him you switch to he’s a sook.

    • Michele

      Interesting point …
      ‘you ventilate suspicions of doing’ … ‘you switch to he’s a sook’.
      Karl, can I ask you who the ‘you’ is you’re referring to? Which specific posters have said the above?
      Because if you’re using ‘You’ as a collective, you are really also including yourself in that title. So you might as well replace the ‘you’ with an ‘I’. It would be just as accurate to do so.

  • Ed Zachary

    Apparently, Kangert’s parents were window makers.

    • Darren Yearsley

      The footage looks real bad from above but from the moto cam you can tell nibs is talking to kangert who is in between him and froome. Personally i don’t think he saw froome stop. Regardless i don’t think froome was going to chase someone 8th on GC so what is he crying about?

  • SantoMoreno

    I find it good that Nibali attacked the yellow jersey, since it provided us arm-chair coaches with a nice topic of discussion!

  • Annie.

    I don’t quite get that: The race is all about the perfect interplay of physical effort and technical advancement: Mechanics work hard to get the bikes going, support vehicles do their best for the riders. It’s not the first time a mechanical decided on a result, not even the only time during that very stage (Romain Bardet had to get his bike changed during the descent and lost his advantage while doing so).

    It’s the job of a serious competitor to look out for chances to get a gap. In mountainbiking, they even make use of their rival grapping a bottle, and also, if he’s got a flat or mechanical of some sort. That’s part of what the sport’s about.

    • Derek Maher

      Right on Annie,You don’t see the lady racers giving anyone a break if a rival has a mechanical or a crash.Win at all costs is their motto.

      • Dave

        I wonder if that’s due to the higher prizemoney:salary ratio the women have?

  • Derek Maher

    Chris Froome had a go at Alejandro Valverde for having the cheek to pass him and his lead out man on the descent after the big climb of the day.Swinging his fist at him and mouthing off. Vincenzo may have seen Chris going backwards, Anyway he launched the first decent attack in the Alp stages seen so far.At least Vincenzo now his form has returned is willing to give it a go unlike some of the other GC riders who are closer to Froome attacking each other and fighting over who gets 5th place and giving Chris Froome a clear ride to the yellow jersey in Paris.Either these riders are brain dead or their managers are a waste of space ?.

    • Peter

      They’re all running on empty, not brain dead.

  • “received confirmation” now equals “believed the gossip, did not speak directly to the person involved”


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September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017