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  • Derek Maher

    Chris crushed the opposition today.Porte and Thomas kept the boot down for him until his attack.Thought for a moment Chris had a gear problem but if he did ? It caused no change in his attack pace.Porte put a marker down for his value rating for 2016.
    Vincenzo,s Team Director must be getting really worried.This TDF squad is not a patch on the Giro boys and you can bet the heat is on him from the main sponsor.

    • CB

      You stop worrying, and start commiserating, when your race is over. That said another succinct race analysis Derek, with the trademark use of rider first names,for that personal touch.

  • Michele

    Good to see social media is consistent.

    3 Sky guys in top 5 – very Astana like.

    Love JV’s comment. Emma O’Reilly’s too.

    I’m not saying they’re right. But the inevitable shit storm kicking off on twitter is becoming more interesting than this race unfortunately.

    • Samaway

      Agreed. What did Emma say? There are too many women of the same name for me (a non-twitter user) to parse.

      • Michele
        • Cam

          Why is it the that the accusations are only ever against the winner or winners team after a stand out performance. I don’t know one way or the other whether they are doping, but its strange that the “expert” commentators on social media go from being certain that Astana was doping at the Giro to now Froome / Sky at the Tour. So can we assume that Astana only doped for the Giro and not the Tour (based on performance) and Sky only for the Tour and not the Giro (based on performance). That seems far fetched.

          • Sean Doyle

            If it was just Froome going off the front the maybe you could say ‘yep, he’s a champion’ but when Stanard is climbing like a mountain goat after the team setting tempo it just smacks.

            • Ralph

              So they’re doping then right, is your point?

              • Sean Doyle

                In my opinion? Yes, but that’s all it is, my opinion. Also my opinion is that they are all pushing the boundaries of what’s allowed and some are still definitely over stepping the line.

                • Ralph

                  Interesting thanks, sad (though not surprising) to hear.

                  • Sean Doyle

                    Yes sad. I’ve watched pro cycling and raced locally for myself for the last 30 years. I’ve seen all sorts of stuff go on in that time. I love racing. It makes my heart skip a beat when I think about it. I desperately want the sport, hell, all sports to be clean but I’m a cynical jaded human these days. I have no doubt these guys are all racing their hardest where they all suffer to extremes and theater can still be played out on the roads, but the seedy underbelly I am just sick to death of.

            • Jonty Paulsen

              100 % correct, Just watching is last night I thought to myself Geriant Thomas in the new improved gc contender of George Hincapie….

          • Samaway

            I don’t know know one way or the other either, but Sky’s poor performance at the Giro was due to crashes not a lack of fitness so I don’t think it’s a good comparison in this case. As for Astana at this Tour, Nibali has never been of the same ability as Froome and other “true” contenders. Sure, he’s won all three GTs, but over largely lackluster opponents. In my opinion, Nibali was overhyped this year based on his lucky win last year.

            I think the question of certain teams dominating the rest is evidence that they’ve really nailed their preparations–intervals, rest, nutrition, peaking, altitude, and in some cases, drugs as well.

            • Cam

              Totally agree with your last statement. Assuming anyone is doping (which again I don’t know), I think people are deluded to only accuse one rider or team, which tends to be the pattern that takes place in all of these major races.

            • echidna_sg

              lacklustre opponents, or opponents of similar abilities? I know which race I’d rather watch… a lack of competition does not an interesting race make.

              • Samaway

                I agree that watching races where there’s an even spread is more entertaining, but if we’re going to split hairs about my use of “lackluster” I’ll at least explain what I meant. (And by the way I mean no disrespect to Nibali or the other riders, and my comments are of course in relative terms, i.e., hats off to all these Grand Tour riders!): Nibali won his Vuelta against Peter Velits and Joaquim Rodriguez and his Giro against Rigoberto Uran and Cadel Evans. Good riders in their own right, but not top-tier, five-star contenders by any means.

          • Jonty Paulsen

            Didn’t you watch the first week of the giro??? Porte was “flying”, Also Leopold Konig did pretty well to finish 6th considering he races the first half of the giro as a domestique.. as a former “doper” myself you still have good and bad days eg. Contador’s third week..

          • Jonty Paulsen

            Also btw my sources tell me Nibali couldn’t get a BB on the rest day, while Quintana is still working off his Columbian no drug testing “training”

          • Callum Dwyer

            Elite sports there always an arms race to find the best training method, recovery method etc. Doping is no different. Sky may have just taken it to the next level.

    • GC_Frosty
  • awesometown

    Is there a way to use the needle emoji on discus?

    • Michele


  • The Budger

    Well, there is always the Vuelta to be excited about….

    • Samaway

      Ha – my thoughts exactly. I always look forward to Tour the most but if I’m being honest, the Vuelta and Giro are always much more exciting (read: closer in competition, fresher faces, more unpredictable, etc.).

  • alexroseinnes

    yawn, i’ve seen this movie before

  • Supercuts

    Back to the future…..

  • CC

    I enjoyed the stage, despite the peanut gallery

  • Daniel

    Nice to see Porte do so well. Reminds us of what we were deprived after his premature exit from the Giro…

  • alexroseinnes

    Jesus, Carlton Kirby sounded like he was about to jizz in his pants. Reminds me of Phil back in the day when the texan used to fly off the front.

    • Graham Arnold

      hahahaha so good, shame about Porte though just watch him have “bad” day over the next few days.

  • Robert Merkel

    I’m surprised Sky didn’t order Porte to sit up and cruise to the finish once it was obvious that Froome had gone clear.

    This reminded me of Ax-3-Domaines – where Porte helped Froome blow everyone away and then finished very strongly himself – except, this time, Porte is already well down on GC.

    Of course, on the next stage Movistar and Saxo attacked on the first climb, and isolated Froome from his entire team, leaving him very vulnerable. Luckily for Froome, he was strong enough to follow wheels, but Brailsford would have been sweating buckets for several hours.

    So, given that history and the fact that there was stuff-all gain for Sky in Porte coming second (two extra seconds off Quintana – big deal), and there’s the Aspin-Tourmalet combo coming up next stage, it all seems a bit indulgent on Sky’s part if they let him go, and Porte’s part if he ignored team orders.

    • Sean Doyle

      Porte is shoring up his value for contract negotiations.

    • echidna_sg

      the horse has bolted, there is nothing to do but shut the gate and go home for dinner. All the other GC guys are well beaten mentally if not physically, its over baring a crash or three…

      • sli1

        I’m pretty sure that before the Tour, Phil Gnomes said that he thought it would done and dusted by stage 10.

  • gaz

    Did Valverde have the energy to have a prolonged look at a female spectator near the top? Footage cut from Quintana making it through the crowd into the barrier zone to Valverde’s group. Girl on the left.

  • careymatt

    Can’t believe there is no mention of Yates in this report. Stunning effort by him considering he is 21. He got dropped but paced himself up and bagged 7th.

    • Jonty Paulsen

      He’s 23 next month.. Just one good stage means nothing mate if he wants to be a GC contender He’ll have to leave Greenedge and go to a team with a “program” Eg. Sky, Saxo, Astana.


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