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  • John Brown

    Could easily have been battery acid…

    • Callum Dwyer

      Yeah I guess if someone drinks a lot of coke.

  • Michele

    Look, I don’t want to get intro a big debate about this topic … but I want to make a comment about something else Froome said in the past 24 hours or so about doping [which isn’t covered in this article].

    He suggested he might hand over his data files etc., to an independent evaluator to prove he isn’t doping. I’m not convinced such an action would prove beyond doubt Froome rides cleans.
    A few editions ago in Rouleur, an interesting piece was done on Laurens De Tam. He handed over EVERYTHING – voluntarily – to a Dutch Investigative reporter to show he rode clean, and that a top-5 GC rider [Giro] can compete sans PEDs. When I say everything, I mean everything: His whereabouts program, his diet, his training programs, his biological passport, the result of every Blood and Urine test taken over the course of 12+ months, his data files. Everything.

    This journo got everything assessed by several different anti-doping experts. The results?

    It couldn’t be proven that LTD was clean. It also couldn’t be proven that he wasn’t. As an example, there were some anomalies in his blood passport which might be put down to factors like dehydration [these anomalies came the day after flying home from a big race]. It was a very interesting read. Here’s an edited link to the story on their website [worth a read]:


    So I am not 100% how Froome is going to be able to achieve his objective. His data and his test results are not a bunch of black-and-white numbers which will prove beyond all doubt he rides clean. If you’ve got LTD’s journo only being able to say at the end of 12 months ‘he wants to believe Laurens is clean’, Froome releasing his data is unlikely to put this story to bed.

    Which means Froome can’t win. If he doesn’t release his data, he must be cheating. If he does, there will be some expert who will cast doubt over it.

    • Whippet

      Interesting reading Michele. I hadn’t seen the Rouleur article. For me, though, Froome has bigger issues than doping. Every chapter of his story seems to be plagiarised from Armstrong’s. People know the plot, and might stop reading.

    • mouse

      Good god. That’s the sanest thing I’ve read in days.
      I’m heartily sick of the armchair experts proclaiming every remarkable feat on a bike these days “extraterrestrial”. There is no proof, there’s not even a smoking gun.
      I get that Lance betrayed you. Boohoo. Get over it.
      Just enjoy the racing people.

      • Johnson

        We enjoy the racing, just not desperately naive.

    • JBS

      Thanks Michele for the sanest comment I’ve seen on the issue.

  • Alex

    “I know my (pauses)..”

    Couldn’t bring him self to speak for his teammates?

    • PsiSquared

      Can a rider always speak with confidence about what his teammates do or don’t do? I’m not sure that’s possible given that riders don’t necessarily train together the year round; don’t live together; and don’t necessarily have the same trainers.

  • Chipomarc

    I’ve pretty much given up following the TdF this year. I’ll wait for the 90 minute recap to come out on VHS later in the year.

  • Johnson

    Glad that Froome thinks the public can’t make up its own mind on the matter and must be guided by the media. I mean it must be the media telling us that they are dopers because it’s not as if there is any history of doping, right?

    Perhaps Cookson can just ask his son who works for Sky if they are doping? That can be the end of it then.


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