• David

    Tejay van Garderen, the rider with most robotic style of the peloton :|

    • AlexXSmith

      Um, compared to Mr. Stares at Stems?


  • David

    Nothing against Tejay mind you. I just think he doesnt have any style on the bike and he is friend with a doper.

  • European American

    To the Author of this article. Tejay is not 24, he’s 26.
    Sunday will be the team time trial. It has some hills in it, but BMC is quite capable of putting Tejay in Yellow.
    Froome certainly knows much more than those in this thread who who haven’t got a clue of what Tejay has accomplished thus far and what he is capable of achieving by the end of this tour.
    GO Tejay!

  • Derek Maher

    Tejay seems to have his head in the right place and is nice and relaxed.The first week is safely behind him now its up to his legs to do the talking.


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