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  • Craig Johnson

    Listening to Chris Froome in the interview, I was impressed with his thoughtful, well spoken responses. I consider him to be a great spokesman for our sport and a great role model for our future generations – if only he could look a little less awkward on the bike!

    • Agreed. He’s an easy personality to like, but unfortunately doesn’t carry the image of a champion while on the bike. After listening to the press conference audio, I was genuinely happy for him.

      • jakub

        Well, he seems to pretend a nice personality while talking to press, but to be honest, we saw many glimpses that this is not always the case. Remember the 2012 while he was attacking Wiggins, his designated team leader (he wants to respect for yellow jersey, yet he doesn’t have one for his older, more experienced team leader who was at the time leading the Tour?). Moreover, If I recall correctly Sky started pushing when yellow Cancellara crashed during stage 3. Then the 2013 incident when Contador attacked him on descent, claiming it was dangerous and stupid – I mean, this is bike racing. Third, what he said to Nibali few days ago certainly weren’t nice words, even though you might dispute the incident (Nibali was hardly a threat for him in GC). Contador barely mentioned the incident when Astana gained significant advantage after his mishap before Mortirolo. I tried to like Froome as a person since his brakethrough, but his real character more corresponds to a one of conceited, cold-blooded and ruthless person. (and I certainly do not have any issue with him because of his riding style, which is actually a controlled breathing technique!)

        • Whippet

          The different views are interesting. I have to disagree with Wade on this one. Froome doesn’t give me a good impression. Over time, I am left with a sentiment similar to jakub’s.

          • Tobi

            I think you are just confusing nice with obsequious. Being nice and softspoken doesn’t mean that you are flawless; a fact that is genrally accepted for normal people. I do agree that his comments regarding Contador’s downhill attack etc are a bit ludicrous, but so are (to say the least) the characteristics you describe him with. Not knowing him personally, he just seems a nice guy to me, one would like to have a pint with.

            • Whippet

              No confusion. Froome just doesn’t give me a good impression. If he offered me a pint, I’d take it. But if it was my shout, I would probably choose someone else in the peloton to drink with.

    • JosiePUnderwood
    • john mcilreavy

      Awkward or not I wish I could ride half as well I think he is a great ambassador for the sport and long may he reign .

  • Richard

    Very classy guy.


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