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  • Derek Maher

    I think its part of the race rules.A race cannot continue without medical/Ambulance cover.Lawyers would have a field day if any riders were injured and medical cover was not available to assist them.

  • Matt

    Cancellara is now out. He tweeted “Just left the hospital with a huge disappointment #TDF2015 is over broke some bones on my back again as in spring. #L3/L4right side”

  • lefthandside

    Impey out as well… wow what a horror day http://www.youtube.com/embed/0pMcCvvgMvg?rel=0

  • Michele

    Best watched with the volume up.


  • Samuel Lawrence

    Was there any reporting of the 2nd crash moments after the main incident – I could find no reports of those involved.

    • Dave

      There was no coverage of any kind because all the media were blocked behind the first one.


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