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A Boels-Dolmans team member will be drawing the winner on the Champs-Élysées right after La Course!


Ella Newsletter – July 15, 2015.

Hello Ella readers!

It’s been two days since Anna van der Breggen (Rabo Liv) popped the champagne cork and pink confetti came showering down on the 2015 Giro Rosa podium, but we’re still suffering from a Giro Rosa hangover. Such an exciting race! There were new stage winners nearly every day and the overall winner remained undecided until the very last climb. Pretty sure van der Breggen will be dreaming in pink for a while!

If you followed along on Ella, I hope you enjoyed our daily race reports and the behind-the-scenes look through the rider diaries from Aussies Tiffany Cromwell and Lizzie Williams. Still to come is a Giro Rosa photo gallery and feature stories on pink jersey-wearer Megan Guarnier and winner Anna van der Breggen. In the meantime, catch up on all our Giro coverage, here.

We appreciate you all following along, and thank you for all the lovely shout-outs we received on social media:

We now turn our attention to the German stage race, Thuringen Rundfahrt, from which Mel Hoskins will be submitting daily updates in form of a rider diary. The race kicks offJuly 17 and finishes just in time for the riders to travel to Paris for La Course.

Beyond the race coverage, we’re excited to introduce you to two new columnist: mechanic Annie May and tech writer Kristen Legan.

Annie’s columns will introduce our readers to basic mechanic skills and at-home bike maintenance. In her first piece, she wrote about the five most common “bike noises” you might hear and how to silence them.

As our tech editor, Kristen is excited to share her favourite products, the latest in bike technology and her top tech tips with you. Look for her columns soon.

Coming up – July 26 is the chosen date for Women’s 100 rides across the globe. For those of you in or around Melbourne, Australia, we hope you’ll come ride with us that day. More on that here.

And finally, if you haven’t already, connect with us on Facebook. We created a new Facebook group for people to celebrate, connect and geek out over all things cycling. We’ve heard from many of you that you’re not ready to jump into the comments section on Ella. We hope our Facebook group is a way to help you break the ice with your fellow Ella readers and staff.

Thank you for being part of the Ella community,


Ella Tip of the Week
Mim Duffield Tip

Ella reads you don’t want to miss

Top five pesky bike noises that can easily be fixed
presta valve. bike fixes. noise. amrook
Mechanic and new Ella contributor, Annie May, shares the top five reasons your bike might be rattling, squeaking or creaking, and how to silence it.

“The Bike is Everything”
Kelly Krause

“I’m not your typical cyclist,” Kelly Krause states, sun-kissed and wind burned after completing a 104-kilometre ride in the Texas sun. With sunglass tan lines forming on her face and clad from head to toe in Rapha, the 33-year-old SXSW publicist could have fooled me.

But just a short few years ago she wouldn’t have dreamt of owning a road bike let alone completing a 104-kilometre ride with a dozen or so “fit athletes” and trying to inspire other women to do the same. In early 2013, Kelly was far from being an athlete. Weighing over 136kg, she couldn’t sit in airline seats, struggled to walk up a flight of stairs and found herself out of breath all the time.

Read Kelly’s inspiring story, here.

Verita’s favourite cycling reads

“Cyclists often get gifted cycling books. Every birthday or Christmas, I get more books. I mean, why not? Books are a perfect cyclist gift. But, I have heaps and to be honest, I struggle to get through them. I haven’t really got an attention span that permits me to read a book from cover to cover – unless it is a really, really good one.”

Verita Stewart shares a list of her favourite cycling books, and many people shared their favorites in the comments, too!

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