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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017
  • velomonkey

    The bikes with exposed front calipers seem to have no issue cleaning up on stage wins.

    • That Strava Support Guy

      Haha I was thinking the same thing. The biggest rider with the most un-aero bike won.

  • Frank

    He couldn’t even get the rear dérailleur to behave and he won!

  • Oscar

    Michael Matthews finishing in the top 10 with broken ribs! This guy’s a champ!

    • Sean Doyle

      Huge effort. The dude is slowly becoming a real champion.

      • Michele

        It’s such a cliché in cycling … but Michael Matthews is going too learn more about himself from this Tour than he probably has from the past 2 Giri he’s contested – and he’s worn pink in both of them.

        Then again .. On second thoughts – recalling how he was post Amstel Gold back in April, the guy certainly knows how to suffer.
        Huge respect to him.

    • Jake(Aus)

      I thought the same thing, what an awesome effort.

  • Michele

    Okay .. Straw Poll.

    What would you rather have. Griepel’s or Sagan’s Tour de France palmares?

    I reckon by Tour’s end Andre will have 10 Career Tour de France Stage wins but no Points Classification win. Whilst Sagan will be stuck on 4 stage wins, but of course 4 Green Jerseys [last stage win in 2013].

    What would you rather have?

    • Kieran Degan

      Griepel for sure. Not devaluing the maillot vert, Sagan’s consistency is phenomenal, but stage wins for a sprinter are what its all about.

      I really do think its time for Sagan to get with a coach/team that can really analyse him and work out where his future lies, whether it be sprints, classics, short stage races etc and then adjust his weight and training accordingly.

      • Michele

        He does seem to be treading water. But that’s now 10 x top 10 stage finishes in 15 stages.

        Greipel is going to end up with perhaps a dozen or so stage wins: That’s similar to McEwen. (Hard to compare Green jerseys since the rules have changed so much).

        I think Greipel is a little underappreciated by some sectors of the cycling community.

    • Personally I think Sagan’s green jersey wins, talents and under-realised potential will go down in the history books as being more significant than Griepel’s.

    • Sean Doyle

      Toughy. As I’m not a pure sprinter I tend to cheer for the rouleurs of the bunch so Sagan is probably where I’m tilting my hat. Once you’ve won a couple stages I reckon getting green jerseys is more of a challenge. Of course I’ve never had to sprint against the best teams and sprinters ever so grain of salt.

    • Andy B

      It would have to be Peter Sagan’s for me, His consistency and versatility is very impressive
      Just hoping it will all click for him..

    • Whippet

      I was reluctant to compare these two a few days ago. However, Dave pointed out that since Sagan is always there in a sprint, I can’t really say he is not a sprinter. Kieran is right–Sagan’s current team does not seem to bring out the best in him. As Dave suggested (in a previous post), Etixx Quickstep might be a better team for Sagan.

      To answer the poll: I’d take the green jersey. The consistency to win it year after year is incredible. But, like Sean, I am not a sprinter. Sprinter tend to favour a moment of glory over consistency.

    • My3Cents

      So what was Griepl’s TDF palmares at age 25? Compare apples with apples and you might find that this conversation is over.

      • Michele

        I was actually more interested in finding out which palmares CT readers would prefer to have as of right now.

        There’s no right or wrong answer. Just a personal preference. ?

        • My3Cents

          Sorry for being a dick. I love the Gorilla but for me Sagan’s TDF palmares. He is a freak.

          • Michele

            Nah you weren’t a dick. :-)

            You’re right about Sagan. 3rd day in a row he’s in the break, and he animated the formation of it today.

            That’s impressive. The sprinters teams know he’s going to do so – they can’t stop him.

  • geoff.tewierik

    I think Sagan will win out in history.

    I rate having the skills, nouce and consistency to work the system and gain the green jersey multiple times over being the one to be protected by your team in the peleton and come out and face the music in the last metres of the race.


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September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017