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  • Emitter

    Cavendish had his team work for him the whole day. As he realized that he would not win the sprint he could have done something for his team in return by taking third place, ensuring Tony Martins yellow jersey. But thats just how Cavendish has always been, just thinking about himself and his “glory” victories.

    • Adam Fuller

      I think it’s a bit harsh on Cav. It’s unlikely he knew Spartacus was there and he dd finish 4th.

      • velomonkey

        Incorrect. Sorry. Wrong. He knew (I mean, come on, Greipel ‘knew’ he won, come on, bro – he chose not to turn the cranks over).

        • philipmcvey

          Yes, he ‘chose’ and he ‘knew’. Just like you can ‘know’ that and can ‘choose’ the words ‘incorrect’ and ‘wrong’. I’m assuming Cavendish has texted or mailed you clarifying the ‘choice’ he made. Or are you just, you know, ‘guessing’?

          • velomonkey

            Well, let’s see, what tangible evidence is there that Cav just stopped. . . . hum . . . oh wait, I know, basically when he stopped pedaling after he knew he wasn’t gonna win. You must know know what “turn the cranks over” means – it means to not pedal. Sorry if I’m using terms which must be over your head. As such, with empirical evidence – the word guessing doesn’t factor.

            • philipmcvey

              I’m searching my limited cycling vocabulary and, yes, I think I grasp the phrase ‘turn the cranks over’. Or at least I thought I did, but then I see that you say that it means ‘to not pedal’ when I thought it meant the opposite. If you’re going to patronise people perhaps proof read your putdowns before you post them.

              Seriously, the issue isn’t whether he stopped pedalling – we can see that. The issue is whether while screaming to the line at 70kmh he was able to factor in the appearance of Cancellara – even though Greipel and Sagan were in the way – and then calculate that Cancellara finishing third would give him the jersey rather than Martin. That’s where the guessing comes in, as neither you, nor anyone else here, can say empirically that he made that conscious decision. Sorry if I’m using logic which is over your head.

              • velomonkey

                Bro, do you even lift????? Do you even read what you type.

                Here, let me tell you something that is total Cav – quit while you’re ahead. (I crack even myself up)

                • philipmcvey

                  Not only do I read what I type, I read what YOU type…. I don’t understand most of it, but I do read it.

                  I will quit, particularly as you’ve been polite enough to concede I’m ahead.

                  I’m thinking that your ‘joke’ would have made a lot more sense if it had read ‘do like Cav – quite while you’re BEHIND’. Seeing as that’s what you’re implying he did the other night.

                  • velomonkey

                    Bro, when I said you were ahead – I meant in posts (LOL). Seriously, bro, good on you – you win ( mean you don’t, but whatever). Oh, two things – it’s quit not quite (though you may want to look into that for yourself) AND Martin got the jersey without Cav’s help. So all is well.

                    Now. Stop.

                    • philipmcvey

                      Why stop now? I. Just. Can’t.

                      For the record: 1. I’m no fan of Cavendish. 2. I am a fan of Martin. 3. I know how to spell ‘quit’ – but I’m a hopeless typist. 4. I agree – all is well.

    • Andy B

      I doubt he was doing the math that closely in the sprint..

    • Tony Abbott

      From Cav’s facebook:

      Look at this photo. If I could hang on for 3rd, I could hang on for the win… Some imbeciles think cycling is a computer game. Problem is, social media & TV are platforms for them to be heard. Gutted for Tony Martin. Congratulations Andre Greipel.

      • Tony Abbott

        I think he just called you an imbecile, and I agree.

    • philipmcvey

      Well done, you’ve put me in the unusual position of agreeing with Mr Abbott. Cycling is Cavendish’s job.. not everything we do at work is as a result of conscious decisions, sometimes we just mess up. Maybe, just maybe Cavendish messed up last night. On the other hand you seem to know have some insight in to what Cavendish ‘thinks’ so perhaps you’re right.

  • Michael Sproul

    Any word on Hansen? That looked like a nasty fall and collerboney!

  • VerticallyCompliant

    Might need an addendum to the areo bike article from a few days ago. Scott Foil no good in cross winds; Ridley Noah – Don’t forget me just yet.
    Well done to Greipel, hope his team mate Hansen heals fast. Its gunna suck riding through the Ardennes tonight with a busted AC joint.

    • Pete

      It just goes to show that aero isn’t everything. Doesn’t matter if your bike saves x amount of watts, if you start your sprint too early and eat wind, the guy behind you slipstreaming is going to win.

    • philipmcvey

      The most interesting thing is that Cancellara chose to ride a Domane rather than the new ‘hyper aero’ Madone. I think we can assume he cherry picks his ride. According to Bike Radar that’s the bike he’ll ride for every stage. Yep, aero most certainly isn’t everything.

  • Ralph

    Fascinating S2, I’m already hooked! Thanks for the coverage CT


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