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  • Derek Maher

    Its good to see Sean still looking in great shape.He gives a fair breakdown on the GC although I think Vincenzo may go better in the mountains than Sean thinks.Of course Sean always plays his cards pretty close.Sean himself was always used to rough road surfaces the local back roads in our area are great training for the cobble stones.Hard on frames and tyres though.

    • Il_falcone

      While I also rate Sean as the best overall bike racer I ever witnessed and value his wisdom he does not seem to aknowledge that Quintana has already shown more than once that he is at least as capable in the worst weather conditions as Nibali is. I’m pretty sure he will handle the cobbles better than Contador and Froome no matter if they are wet or dry but most probably not as good / fast as Nibali.

  • Madblack

    I also beg to differ. I think nibbles will be right up there in the mountains. Contador will be the one struggling after his giro effort.


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