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  • muz

    Good luck Paul, Verbruggen truly is one of lifes great arseholes!

    • velocite

      Seconded. Barnacle on the arse of progress is the phrase that springs to mind in relation to Verbruggen. As to wasting money, some of mine has apparently been stolen by that peculiar character Aaron Brown, but I’d be willing to tip in some more to support Kimmage if necessary, though some assurance of integrity in the process would be desirable!

      • jules

        well I’d start by thinking twice before donating via narcissistic attention seekers trying to build their own online profile. wait, that’s me..

        • velocite

          Me too, now!

  • PF

    The report confirmed there was no corruption…and that is what Kimmage always claimed…so he shouldn’t be surprised at being taken to court (and stop wasting other people’s money in the process).

    • jules

      are you serious? it’s true that the UCI-commissioned report concluded that the UCI had not acted corruptly. we are to believe that conclusion as the UCI have asserted that CIRC were ‘independent’ – a beautiful word that automatically wipes away any doubts that they may have been compromised by the UCI.

      in short – Kimmage is entirely within his rights to question the very conservative conclusions of the CIRC report – which amounted to a tactical retreat by the UCI. CIRC attempted to build credibility by finding significant fault with the UCI’s management, but fell short of finding in favour of outright corruption.

      the court that will hear Kimmage vs. Verbruggen is in no way bound by the CIRC report findings. bring it on. Kimmage can go in for the kill here – put the knife right into Verbruggen’s heart, once and for all.

  • The issue in the case is much bigger than the simplistic and inaccurate view, you’ve taken. That’s your choice of course. Corruption, Verbruggen and the UCI, are not strangers, then or now.


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