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  • Rodgero

    awesome photos, Gracie with the game face on!

  • scottmanning

    Errr isn’t taking a wheel from another teams car collusion? Didn’t they watch the Giro?

  • Derek Maher

    Super collection of photos well done Balint.
    Emma was right to refuse those wheel offers or she could have had a Porte problem.
    Dispite the weather and road conditions the ladies put on a great display of racing.
    The Team Managers and Mechanics will be doing major salvage work getting new frames and equipment after all the Pave hopping.
    I thought Marianne Vos looked a bit stressed and tired in that photo its taking a long time for her to recover her former self.
    Gracie Elvin did some real power riding off the front of the peloton and as for Anna Van Der Breggan what a super way to win.


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May 29, 2017
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