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  • donncha

    €80-100 entry for the real deal. With Three Peaks north of $300, ASO should make a killing here…

    • philipmcvey

      100 Euros? I’m already warming the credit card up for the launch… of course, there’s always the chance they’ll look at this market and ratchet the price up to pitch it in the Three Peaks range.

      • Sean Doyle

        At 10,000 participants they wouldn’t need to. Volume economics.

        • philipmcvey

          Good point, but I’d say there’s still room for them to pitch it higher than they do in Europe and still fill the event. There are half-day events here in Perth which have 2,500 participants at $200 per entrant, so throwing the net across the country for an iconic event like this? There’s certainly an opportunity to make some proper bucks from it.

          • Sean Doyle

            Agreed. I suppose it comes down to how much profit they expect and how much the event costs to put on. Road permits and police for such a big event will cost the most.

            Bah, dissecting too much again….

            • philipmcvey

              Ha.. love it. There can NEVER be too much dissecting where cycling’s concerned Sean.

              I’ve been involved in the design and marketing of a start up ‘gravel road’ event here in WA and the main considerations – even on dead quiet country roads – are insurance, permits, closures, getting local councils on board etc. The main cost, though, was in promoting an unknown event to a small market that already has a full calendar of sportives. ASO has an enormous advantage in having already built up the L’Etape brand cache, so they aren’t going to have to work very hard to communicate what the event is about and why were should ride it. From my very limited experience the best thing about events in rural areas is that locals are hugely welcoming and supportive.

              • Sean Doyle

                My parents who live near the mountains in Dalgety had ideas of putting on an event of some kind like this but not of the same scale. The community was all in favour but the cost and logistics none were familiar with so it never go off the ground. You could have a very cool 24hr mtb race in and around Dalgety.

  • It will be interesting to see if this has benefit of making NSW less of a hassle for other groups engaging police, etc.

    • Dave

      Hopefully it will, even if it takes a few years for them to come around to it.

      The Tour Down Under was originally opposed by the SA Police, but they were not given a choice by the state government. After a couple of years they started to see the PR benefits of first the TDU and then being involved with other events like Amy’s Ride, Coast to Coast and then Ride Like Crazy which they actually coordinate.

      • jules

        the cops would lock everyone up in their homes 18 hrs a day to reduce crime, if they were allowed to

    • jules

      with Ministerial support, the wheels of bureaucracy will be nicely greased. pity they don’t appreciate the value for local tourism of local races and treat local clubs like dirt under foot.


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