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  • erin_2503

    An inspiring ride and what brilliant, winning attitude! Thank you Hass and thanks for the report, time to get on the bike and smash a ride!

  • Derek Maher

    Hmm,Good ride,But it was dumb attacking the break when you did.Better to have stayed and rode with them for another 20k before your break.

    • Adrian

      Were you in the break too? Haas is a pretty smart guy and if his instincts said attack then I would trust them. He said he was hurting at that point which is precisely when you should attack cause chances are everyone is hurting. The other 5 could have very easily just sat up and watched each other and we could be praising him as a hero right now.

  • RooBay

    Is it just me or is Haas a dead ringer for Jonathan Richman? Its been bothering me for ages.

    • pedr09

      There’s a little bit of Jonathan there and Nathan is musical evidently, but I’d not say dead ringer.


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