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  • Superpilot

    You know, with those 3 gc possibilities, if they are unselfish and work together, could totally kick everyone’s arse. Just keep in contention with their threats all day, turn over the wind and help each other without leading out the rest of their competitors, they will have 3 of the same team in each finale of gc contenders. If they are honest and humble with each other and lead the strongest one through the last few km, they could get a number of stages and all 3 have higher gc. Sadly, I see that they could be selfish and try and break each other off. Good luck to them. They don’t have the strongest gc riders, but I think they have the strongest gc team, most other teams have 2 riders at most ala frrrroome and Porter porte.

  • a different ben

    Haas looks much thinner in these photos than in the past. Wonder what the difference is between 3 years ago and now?

    • He posted this photo on twitter the other day:

      @nathanpeterhaas “where it all began!”

      • a different ben

        Pretty hard to tell for me. Ha ha, I’ve just spent far too long staring at his face… kinda creepy now that I think of it.

        • Back then, I remember Steele didn’t even wear bibs! I can still remember getting waxed by a guy that I could see his hairy back through a gap in his jersey/knicks. ;-)


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