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  • Jim

    so it’s unsportsman like ? Isn’t that what the rest of his team is for? When things go wrong they are supposed to help him out. If he’d had a stack should everybody sit up and wait for him to sort himself out ? Nibali is pretty unlikely to challenge Froome anyway.

  • Dave

    If only Sky were using Campagnolo brake levers, he could have released them without taking his hands off the bars.

  • Whippet

    It’s a shame Movistar employs such conservative tactics (for viewers anyway). They consistently have riders on the podium of grand tours, but rarely win them. Quintana has looked stronger than Froome in the Alps, but it might be too late to make up the time.

  • KJ

    Why is Froomey complaining. He had 60 km to catch Nibali, Did Froome and the others slow down when Bardet had to change bike due to a mechanical.

  • Derek Maher

    Vincenzo at last has his form back and showed his true class in taking that stage.
    Froome was a bit unsettled on his own and Thomas may not be in form for todays last mountain stage to help tow him up the climb ?.
    Movistar as a team just don’t seem able to read races.Valverde seems to be marking Contador rather than helping Quintana work Chris Froome over seems they don,t want to win this tour.


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