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  • Thomas Linddal

    She will be missed.

    This is my first comment on Cyclingtips, and i just wanted to say, this is by far the best cycling media on the net.

    Gratitude from Denmark :)

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      Tak Thomas!

  • Rowena

    Thanks for the update, we will miss her racing!

  • Dave

    Just about everyone in high-level sport will have at least one of those seasons where everything goes wrong, and the higher you fly the harder you fall. It’s by no means unique to cyclists or to women – think perhaps of 2009 for Mitchell Johnson for the best example from Australian sport in recent times.

    Planning a path back instead of going off on an emotion-driven attempt to ‘rescue’ a poor season is a very good move, she is clearly smart enough to listen to wise advice from the people around her. Rushing a comeback would risk ruining the first half of next year or even her whole career.

  • Ant

    Marianne is a legend and I wish her all the best for her recovery – but I’m secretly hoping that we get to hear some more commentary from her while she’s not racing! Seriously insightful and articulate, unlike some pundits (who shall remain unnamed) ;-)

    • Byron

      She said in an interview she’s doing commentary for ITV4 for La Course this coming Sunday ;-)

  • Derek Maher

    Marianne has been missed on the racing circuit.Taking time out to recover and get back your enthusiasim and form is a very wise move.
    Plus she has been occupied with the UCI and womens cycling promotion and helping out the media covering races so she is keeping in touch with the bike world.Looking forward to 2016 and her comeback.The other ladies in the peloton had better have a good winters training.

  • Kim

    My comment isn’t relevant to the story but I Love the graininess and lightinmg of the photo. Makes it look like a painting. I think Vermeer, another Dutch person, would like it (think Girl with the peral earing, The Milkmaid, The Astronomer, etc) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johannes_Vermeer


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