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  • But his cortisol levels were fine

  • Dave

    Ironic that this news came on the first day of the event where the news was not dominated by the other sort of white line fever.

  • Ebruner

    So he likes to party? :)

  • Sean

    Its a shame cycling doesn’t have the dodgy strikes system like footy.

    • Robert Merkel

      Doesn’t apply in this case. Cocaine is banned in competition as a performance-enhancing stimulant. A footy player who tested positive for coke on match day would face the same ban as a cyclist.

      There’s a long and dishonorable history of cocaine use as a performance-enhancing drug in cycling: see this story from on a former pro who dealt “pot Belge”:


      • jules

        it’s hard to believe they’re still taking stimulants in the era of oxygen vector doping, but then – the tests don’t lie.

        off topic, but I’m unconvinced by the AFL’s stance against in-competition doping. while it’s definitely an offence – the same under the WADA code as it is for cycling – the thing is, you have to test for it in-competition. the AFL has a much-publicised out-of-competition testing regime for illicit drugs. I think it’s a good scheme actually. but I wonder whether and how much it serves as a smokescreen for not testing in-competition – where the penalties are much stiffer and become public knowledge?

    • Dave


      The AFL’s recreational drugs policy of a ban on the third strike would definitely be an improvement on cycling’s policy of “go for it” that saw Tom Boonen get away with nothing more than a couple of embarrassing headlines.

      • InTheKnow

        Yes. Also, cocaine (specifically Benzoylecgonine) acts as a masking agent for anabolic steroids, I forget which one. Let’s see, 38 years old and having one of his best seasons to date – steroids being masked vs partying before/during the Tour …

        • Matt DeMaere

          Not sure a banned substance with an impractically long half-life and effective urine and blood tests would make for a useful masking agent.

          If in the end, it is revealed that he tested positive for amphetamines as well, it suggests he was using it recreationally. There are also anti-pain muscle rubs which contain this metabolite as the active agent, but that would be a incredibly dopey mistake.

  • Derek Maher

    Thats a shame.Will miss him in the Peloton.

  • Dave

    So, who is looking forward to the Armstrong program before tonight’s Tour stage?

    • Derek Maher

      Might take a gander at Lance’s story Dave,
      I suppose he has not been accused of taking the blood from young virgins yet.Its all a bit Bram Stoker.
      Of course a lot of people are looking to grab a piece of Lance’s cash reserves.

      • Dave

        Who said anything about Lance?

  • Derek Maher

    I guess the Headline on the media reports should not have used the term cocaine for Luca,s test.It showed Benzoylecgonine which might have been linked to cocaine use or a number of other chemical reactions.Seems odd that the drug testers did not run through a series of tests before the cocaine story was thrown out to the public.Now if you drink the South American brand of coca cola it is flavoured with coca leaves.Might be interesting to test a person after drinking a couple of cans or bottles of that brew.Luca and his team had better do some research to fight his case.

  • jules

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