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September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
  • claude cat

    Who’s a better descender. Sagan or Cadel Evans?

    For Cadel I tender the following – go to 6m mark, Tour of Utah 2014


    • Saxivore

      Yes, well you see, cadel evens has a background in mountain biking which made him a great descender… Say it in Paul Sherwin’s voice…

      • Rod

        Add the word “precarious” and it’ll be spot on!

    • Another good one to watch: https://youtu.be/RxXqQqAc2pA

    • Tim Johnson

      I see your Tour of Utah and raise you Cadel (and Gilbert) in the Tour de Romandie 2009:

      (unfortunately Cadel didn’t win that stage)

      I seem to recall that he also put on a bit of a descending masterclass down the corkscrew in the TDU 2014 – he really was a master at it.

  • PsiSquared

    Well, Sagan certainly wasn’t on the new Venge.

  • claude cat

    The descent on stage 17, Col d’Allos, looks like beauty too. Chance of some rain that would spice it up as well. There’s a couple of mighty impressive youtubes of that one as well.

  • Willem H. de Boer

    The bend at 2:14 made infamous during stage 9 of the 2003 TdF, when Beloki lost his balance and Armstrong had to make a detour on the grass. Sagan nearly overcooked it too!

  • Alpen

    It’s not just the sitting on the top tube, when he loses Pantano it’s because he takes a better line started a few of the corners (wider) and doesn’t have to brake as late as Patano (which sends him wide) @1:25. Then it’s the sprinters power out of those 2 corners which blows the gap wide open.

  • Oli Smee

    Not as impressive as bardet in the dauphine

  • Terpstra (on Dutch TV last night) was not impressed “Looks fast but he lost time taking turns too fast. It’s not about how fast you go into the corner, but how fast you get out of it”. Replay (in Dutch): http://nos.nl/uitzending/7222-nos-studio-tour.html

    • Elliot

      I didn’t get to see the stage but I assume Nibali put time into the others on the descent as well?? He is a freak at descending like Sagan. It’s a pity we didn’t crest the summit at the same time.

      • Dave

        Nibali took 28s on the GC group during the descent, less than a quarter of what he needed to take 7th place. A fair chunk of that was when the GC group got distracted by Thomas getting taken out by Barguil though.

        If Nibbles was at his peak, he could have taken a minute on any group going at pace dictated by Chris Froome on that descent. It’s not just his performance on the big climbs, he’s generally not looking racy and proactive like he has in previous years.

    • philipmcvey

      No doubt Terpstra knows what he’s on about, but opinions aside the facts are Sagan easily dropped Pantano in spite of doing less pedalling.. and he pulled a huge chunk of time out of La Plaza too. Maybe he was losing lots of time on the turns but he was still going faster than those two (and probably most of the rest of the field).

    • Hitted
  • philipmcvey

    Next time somebody asks me why I like cycling I’ll flick them a link to this. And then to the Gallery of Stages 13-16. Fabulous work CT.

    • A mí no me pagan por opinar

      Yeah, if you ever find the video… They took it down. So sad because it was very inspirational and awesome.


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September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017