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  • Derek Maher

    Roll on the Spanish Tour,The TDF has given the Teams racing against Sky a great lesson on which tactic,s they need to employ to have any chance of beating them.Vincenzo was unlucky to puncture at the foot of the climb and given his great form maybe he will ride in Spain?.

    • velocite

      I found it hard to believe that Nibali was unaware of Froome’s mechanical on the previous stage, so quite unkindly no doubt I felt it was about right that he got that puncture. Aside from that fan rubbish the episode was interesting in that it underlined how hard it is to regain the bunch on a climb. Froome’s brake problem was quicker to fix than Nibali’s puncture, but still, it was a significant effort by Froome to get back on, which might have cost him later on in the stage.

      • Neuron1

        Last I checked it’s a bike race, not a group ride. Anybody can attack anytime anywhere. As Bob Roll put it, not attacking the yellow jersey with a mechanical is archaic, a tradition from the time of riders fixing their own bikes.

        Time for Astana to change tire companies. Nibali flatted on stage 2 and lost a large amount of time and again today.

        • velocite

          Obviously we take a different view here, but I’m wondering, do you have a reference to the origin of the tradition of not exploiting a yellow jersey mechanical?

      • Dave

        Whether you think he was aware of it or not (I tend towards the ‘not’ – because Kangert was blocking the view) it is beyond doubt that Froome was facing no threat from Nibali with his eight minute gap and so he wasn’t actually being attacked.

        It would have been different if Nibali had matched Froome all the way through stages 3-18 so the only gap between them was the 2:09 that Froome had taken when Nibali was delayed by a crash not of his own making on stage 2.

        • velocite

          Good point. But regardless of judgements of Nibali, it looked like Valverde was upping the speed of the group in pursuit of Nibali, so that even though Froome’s mechanical was brief it looked like a big effort to get back. Bottom line for me, however, may be that I’m a Froome fan!

    • JosiePUnderwood
  • Michael Sproul

    Waits for the talk about Quintana doping, he was after all the fastest climber of the tour…

    • IainW

      Was thinking the same

    • Senor Burns

      Unlikely, he’s the best of the Colombians, who are renowned for their climbing ability.

      • Michael Sproul

        But I timed his ascent/he wasn’t breathing hard/sweating/he literally rode away from the best in the world etc etc etc ad nauseam. Let’s at least be consistent with “our” hate and insinuations.

  • jules

    in the end Froome scrapes home by 1:12. never let the facts get in the way of a story about his and Sky’s dominance though

  • Montaigne

    It’s not doping that makes the difference at the Tour anymore, it’s money, resources and targeting this one race that matters. Great showdown on the Alpe, well done to all.


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