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  • MattHurst

    Fantastic stage even though the coverage from screen grabs was all over the shop. So glad Thomas is ok. Sagan was fantastic.

    • velocite

      It sure looked bad when Thomas hit that pole. Vuillermoz was alleged to have said that Van Garderen knocked him first, but the video says no.

      But I’m wondering what happened to Porte. Six minutes down on Froome..

      • Albo

        Porte would be saving him self for the mountain stages to come. He’ll need him, as surely Quintana has a big attack planned.

      • lefthandside

        Porte is apparently on antibiotics. When I saw him he had been dropped from the yellow jersey group (where presumably he had been working all day) and was just cruising up the final climb.

    • Marylou P. Helms

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