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  • David

    Start in york or newcastle and go to the great dun fell radar station. Epic stage racing problem solved…

    • Jessi Braverman

      That doesn’t address the all-important city council issue Guy has raised.

      • David

        No it doesn’t, but I am sure if you were going to say we are going to race up the biggest climb in the country, I am sure that many of the major centres would be keener to get on board and certainly the Yorkshire region is perhaps the heartland of cycling in the UK. As a finishing climb and as a road to close, certainly the Dun Fell would be easier to manage than most locations. It would also make for spectacular TV viewing. Tell me you wouldn’t want so many eye-balls on the picture postcard locations and visualize the tourism dollars rolling in.

        Alternatively you have the Yorkshire Dales, The North York Moors, The peak district, etc. If you want to have tough roads to ride on, and long enough climbs to have a GC impact, you can find them, most of these locations have the most spectacular scenery and populations centres aren’t generally too far away and it isn’t as if you need to have climbing stages on every day. For a 5 day race, One big GC day, maybe 2 is all you really need.

        Wouldn’t you also love to see the peloton have a finish on Hardknott Pass ;)

        • Jessi Braverman

          Sounds like you love Yorkshire as much as we do – which means you should stay tuned to Ella in August. We’re Roadtripping Yorkshire next month – and we can’t wait!

    • Sarah

      Sadly they can’t do Yorkshire, because of the Tour de Yorkshire…. which only has an 80km day race for women. If people want a proper women’s bike race in Yorkshire, we need to get onto that race organiser, rather than expect SweetSpot to do everything.

  • Derek Maher

    Lots of questions have been thrown up by Guy Elliott in trying to balance everything for the Aviva Tour.
    The UCI limits seem to be an ongoing battle.Cookson (UCI President)wants to improve womens racing but there are still some who cannot accept longer races for women.
    Regarding mountain top finishes.Great for TV not so good for local towns paying for the stage.A lot of races now include a good climbing section but finish on several laps of a shorter town section to give the towns paying for the stage the publicity they need and gets the crowds into the towns.
    Perhaps also contact with motor cycling clubs who will help out on the road to cover dropped riders and provide neutral service for them.Also maybe extend the time limit at stage ends so you dont lose to many riders who have a bad day for the next stage.This will help keep the teams numbers up.
    TTs Can be run say a 10K but with a shorter road stage on the same day?.A common enough practice I have seen in the past.
    No doubt loads more suggestions will be put to Guy over the months to the next running of the Tour.

  • Ben

    Finishing circuits like the one used in Lincoln for the British Nationals last weekend would be a good way to combine some tough, short climbs with great value for the town/crowds. Would be great if combined with bonus seconds for the puncheurs to try and reclaim the lead from the sprinters.


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