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February 26, 2017
February 25, 2017
February 24, 2017
February 23, 2017
  • CC

    Is Vino as much of a douche as he seems ?

    • Neil Kiser

      I was thinking the exact same thing! :-)

  • Michele

    Well said Vino!!!

    Nibali should take a leaf out Vino’s book, and either infuse a couple of BB or buy/bribe himself a couple if wins.

  • Tom Wells

    Wow, I knew Vino was a bellend but I didn’t realise he was this much of a bellend! Nibali does have an astonishingly high salary though, my god…

  • Jessy Vee

    Astana’s WT licence should go to MTN Qhubeka. They’re doing more positive things for the world tour than Astana, and their riders are right up there with results.

  • Fred

    Nibali never would have won the tour last year without the departure of Froome and Contador, why do they suddenly think he would be able to produce similar results against a stronger field this year? The whole team are douche bags and cheaters and shouldn’t even be racing.

  • Larry Theobald

    With the MegaOLEVomaniac so quiet these days, SOMEONE needs to talk out of their a__ to make things interesting. Guys with lots of money (theirs or someone else’) to spend get cranky when it doesn’t buy instant results. Perhaps he should pay Froome to let Nibali win? It worked for him at least one time it seems!

  • biker8337

    I suppose they could always do what vino did and buy a win (2010 Liege-Bastogne-Liege)


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February 26, 2017
February 25, 2017
February 24, 2017
February 23, 2017