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  • Kelly Reid

    So loving the TDF now. Off to Espana for Vuelta next month can’t wait

  • SantoMoreno

    Indurain won both races in 1992 and 1993!

    • CB

      During a certain period of cycling where it was anything goes. You know, all the stuff that is causing Froome and co. a few issues during the daily press conferences. Anyway, Roche is dreaming if he thinks Contador will try this again, or Froome for that matter. Wiggins’ disaster in 2013 will scare off Froome from trying the Giro. Which is academic considering Landa will lead the Sky team at the Giro next year.

      • SantoMoreno

        Sure, but the same thing can be said about Pantani. I was only pointing out an inaccuracy in the article. That being said, I also doubt that Roche was “clean”, or any of his contemporaries for that matter. They simply did not have access to the real “good stuff” like the 90’s guys.

  • Derek Maher

    Stephen may well be right about Alberto riding to hard in the Sud.
    1987 was a vintage year for Stephen 2 Tours and the world championship and he always looked a class rider and could read a race very well.
    Glad to see he is getting fitter these days and getting his bike out on the road more often.

  • rshimizu12

    Roche is right about Contador’s decision to ride the Route de Sud. But AC’s and his teams big mistake was not having a stronger team in the Giro. As for the Vuelta I seriously doubt Contador will enter. He needs time to recover. Personally I would like to see him enter the fall classic’s. As for next year I am beginning to wonder if he will decide to retire at the end of this year. This years TDF is really a embarrassment for rider of his stature.

  • Patricia Jones

    While it doesn’t look as though Contador could have achieved the double his TDF seems to have been dogged by bad luck as well as by tiredness. Basso’s departure, some hot temperatures that didn’t suit him (or a lot of other riders), and a crash when he was finally hoping to get on top of things. Despite his problems he still managed 5th, albeit with considerable time loss.


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