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  • Dave

    BMC’s best chance of getting their hands on a yellow jersey this year.

  • Ralph

    Smashed it! Fingers crossed he can keep #1

  • Anon N + 1

    Would you please explain the intended meaning of the phrase “eyeing off” in the headline? I cannot find any similar examples using google. Just about the only examples that I can find of “eye” and “off” in close proximity to each other are in the idiom “take [one’s] eye off [something]” which means to lose focus on one’s goal and that doesn’t seem appropriate here.

    • To focus on something you want. To ‘eye’ something is the same. Is adding ‘off’ an Aussie only thing?

      • Anon N + 1

        Thank you. So it appears. The first 20 examples for “eyeing off” with which a country can be identified are from Oz. For example “Mazda Engineer eyeing off return to Le Mans . . . .” (Headline) in The Motor Report TMR has a +61 telephone contact and the email is .au. It’s the first time I’ve seen it and it struck me as a rather odd expression.


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