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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017
November 15, 2017
  • MattHurst

    Well done Rohan another Aussie in the maillot Jaune ,chapeau.

  • jules

    what a ride by Dennis! other observations: big ride by Gesink. i though I was watching a local race when I saw Trek riders with rear blinkies on their bikes!

  • CC

    INCREDIBLE !! and special shout out to Henk Vogels, totally peaking on SBS – Aussies firing on all cylinders, loving it !!

  • Pete

    I think you need to update the pic of Rohan next to the results. It still has him in Garmin kit.

  • MadBlack

    Impressive ride by Rohan!!!

    On another subject. Can everyone here please tell SBS to stick that bloody Frog where he belongs! If we all do it we may just get there.


    Something like this. PLEASE!

    “Get this bloody Frog off the Tour de France broadcast PLEASE! It’s a sports broadcast for crying out loud. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE AN
    IDIOT TALKING ABOUT TARTS! You don’t put a time trial broadcast into a cooking show on Thursday’s, do you? SO WHY ARE YOU TORTURING THE CYCLING COMMUNITY???”

    • jules

      Boo! He wasn’t on during the ITT, only before while they were killing time anyway. Taste le Tour is an institution now!

    • CC

      I guess feedback is feedback. Are you happy to take some about your behaviour here?

    • Rob

      Gabriel Gate’s ‘Taste Le Tour’ was the reason I ended up on a Bike. I was a young chef who would watch his segment out of a keen interest and passion for anything food, then unwind with (lots) beers and end up watching the stage. I now have that same passion/obsession I had for food as I do for the Bike, all thanks to Gabriel Gate and Sbs.

    • Gordon

      Disagree with you on this one. As noted TT hadn’t started and while I don’t watch the segment SBS was the only channel to give cycling a go early on I feel they can do whatever they like. I also know of a number of people who watch the start specifically for Gabrielle and then watch a bit of racing. And…..while it costs nothing who am I to complain.

      Perhaps you can pay for something that dent have Gabrielle.

    • pedr09

      Just wrote a support email to SBS for Gabriel. It just wouldn’t be the Tour without “Bonjour!”.

    • David S

      His segment did lead directly to the Tour de Frankston (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8LK9pLZsi8), so you’d have to say the ledger is swaying towards Monsieur Gate.

    • Michele

      Speak for yourself.

      As already highlighted, Gabriel is put on air at a time SBS are not able to show live pictures. There is a commercial agreement in place.

      This point will be highlighted later on in the TdF when they show him AFTER the stage finish since SBS will be able to show live pictures as soon as their broadcast starts.

      I’m part of the cycling community. Gate tortures me less than Paul and Phil do.

      Get over yourself.

      • Marc

        This is not quite correct. Yesterday Eurosport and a lot of other European broadcasters already had live pictures, while SBS still had their cooking show. Over the years I’ve watched many stages live online, while SBS was still showing the very annoying Gabriel Gate. I want to watch cycling, not some cooking show.

        • jules

          pretty sure I watched 1st rider Daniel Tekelamontah (sp.?) roll down the ramp, live on SBS last night

          • Marc

            Warm ups, atmosphere, there were definitely live pictures during Gate and his cooking tips.

            • jules

              ^^ keen fan :)

              • Dave

                Those would be Eurosport’s own camera crews on the ground getting those pictures, not the world feed which starts just before the stage start. SBS could also get their own pictures of blokes on turbo trainers if they wanted to pay for the additional crews, technical equipment and accreditation.

        • Michele

          So you obviously have access to Eurosport. Not sure what the problem is.

    • krashdavage

      As a lover of all things French, particularly Le Tour, I find your comment racist and offensive.

      • Multicultural

        The irony of hating on a Frenchman with the excuse of wanting to see a French race….LOL

        Can we put OP on one of those orange boats Abbott likes to send out to sea?

    • Ed Gralton

      Disgraceful comment – am I reading the Telegraph? You don’t even have the guts to put your name to what you have written.

    • Dave

      Have emailed SBS with my support for Taste Le Tour. It brings people into the sport and (unlike most of the TdF coverage each night) makes a profit for SBS, both of which are a good thing.

  • VerticallyCompliant

    There’s something amazing about watching an Aussie in BMC kit smashing a TT.
    Also who would have seen Thibaut Pinot finishing same time as Sagan.
    Hope he shows the same attack on some descents this year, if he does watch out.


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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017
November 15, 2017