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  • Michael Sproul

    When I grow up I want to be as hard as Tony Martin! Smashes his shoulder and immediately goes to congratulate his team mate, what a dude!

    • CC

      Pretty amazing moments all round – Seeing his team push a Yellow Jersey up the hill, then as selfless congratulations – Iconic stuff.

      • Michael Sproul

        Yep, beautiful image, unfortunately for horrible reasons.

  • Paul N

    Another 2nd to Sagan. I wonder when Sagan is going to time his sprint just right, so far he has been late starting his sprint but has been crossing the line faster than anyone else around him, so if he gets his start right….

    • Ant

      Sagan looks like he’s worried about going too early and dragging others up with him. Maybe he’d rather get second place to someone further down the GC classification than risk missing out on a time bonus, his big goal being to wear yellow.

    • jules

      Sagan won the sprint

      • Michele

        He’s won a couple of them now as well.

  • sket

    Why was Martin without a lieutenant? Yellow jersey jostling for position, and Stybar in front of him didn’t even realise he went down!

    • sps12321

      they were after the 3km mark so all he had to do was cross the line to keep the jersey. Was just racing to stay with the group. Guess they didn’t think a crash at that speed would be so bad.

    • sps12321

      Stybar given free reign to go for the win. and at 800m to go no time for team to let him know what had happened

    • Dave

      Because holding the yellow jersey was a secondary consideration for Etixx when they knew his lead was temporary, what they really want is stage wins.

      • Michele

        Etixx doing alright. Would not have been surprised to hear they’s won two stages in the opening 6 days of racing. Also wouldn’t have been surprised to hear Martin won one of them and spent some time in Yellow.

        A little surprising to see that both stages came from attacks in the dying kms of a stage.

        Cav nothing more than excess baggage at the moment.

        You’d think he’ll finally come good and grab a couple of wins. Also seen Etixx grabbing another victory through their opportunistic methods.

        They could end up with 4 or 5 wins with 3 or 4 different riders and a, albeit too short, stint in yellow.

  • Sean Doyle


  • David

    Are Saxo-Tinkoff required to wear alternate kit because of its likeness to the yellow jersey? If this is the case (please correct me if wrong), why are lottonl-jumbo still rocking their mostly yellow jersey. From the aerial shots all you see is yellow.

    • Gordon

      My thoughts exactly. Back in the day Once had to go pink in the Giro.

      • Gordon

        Ooops try Tour, and yellow was OK for the Giro

    • Dave


      Lotto-Jumbo have modified theirs, it has more white for the front-on view.

  • Robel

    Daniel Teklehaimanot from Eritrea team MTN is an amazing rider, we Africans so proud to see like Dani boy on the top of tour de france,he is really King of mountains.go go go Dani make big History around the globe. Love you.

    • Michele

      Would love to see that happen.


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