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  • Derek Maher

    Its going to take a huge effort by Chris and his team to lose this tour.Maybe if they pull in at a local cafe for coffee and a relaxed chat some other team may have a chance ?.Oh well the local scenes are nice and its going to be fun with Carlton Kirby trying to make a race of it on eurosport.
    What the hell happened to all the other teams today they cannot blame everything on taking a rest day.

  • echidna_sg

    He wasn’t clear if he meant on their guard against other teams or merely newspapers, twitter users, vimeo or perhaps TV stations who will no doubt lose the impartial viewer that wanted to watch a competitive event..

    and this only weeks after everyone lambasted Astana for doing similar (including dropping Porte like a stone more than once) at the Giro… what short memories and anglo centric viewpoints a large proportion of the English speaking media have.

    • Agreed, however I know that everyone I speak to have the same questions about Sky. Everyone is thinking it, but nobody can say it. The media will be asking heaps of questions at the press conferences at the Tour.

      • echidna_sg

        can’t say I’d like being in your shoes in such scenarios… no matter which way you spin it, a proportion of the readers will be upset ;-)


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