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  • Michele

    Nice to read this story initially. And thanks for the follow up about it.
    Unfortunately society moves on so quickly now days. This tragic event was in my [our] mind[s] for a few days/couple of weeks and then – sad to admit – becomes a bit of an afterthought. So it is encouraging to read this, that several months after Nepal was devastated; there are those still giving a ‘lending hand’ to a country desperately requiring it.
    Although 80,000 doesn’t sound like much, that figure should be looked at in context; what it can achieve.
    It also helps me appreciate, that I can – no matter how insignificant I think it might be – assist those in need.
    Thanks for the encouraging reminder.

    • Simone Giuliani

      Thank you for the thoughtful response Michele. Having been in a community which suffered a much smaller but still devastating natural disaster, the 2009 Black Saturday fires near Melbourne, I particularly appreciate your point about going beyond the immediate reaction. Longer term practical and moral support, in my experience, is such an important part of the recovery process.


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