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  • lowercasev

    Note #2: I’m definitely not a trained professional – so please consult one before trying these yourself. I have tried my best to explain these exercises here. If you have any suggestions further to the above, please leave them in the comments here. I also recommend going to your nearest gym and asking the staff to assist you! They are the experts and more than happy to help you out!

    • These are exactly the exercises that were given to me by a friend who is a physio and gym owner, so I reckon you’re totally on the right track. Not to mention that it’s a timely reminder that I should be doing them…

  • Pete23

    The fitness blender channel on you tube have some great ten minute ab/core videos that use some of these exercises. With a 50 sec/10 sec rest period they are pretty challenging

    • chop

      “no no no, it’s 7min abs man” ;-)

  • jules

    will these get rid of my beer gut?

    • mr_charlie

      they wouldn’t make it get any larger


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