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  • Michele

    Patrick Lefevere is fast becoming the Mick Malthouse of the WT.

    I have no issue with race organisers [temporarily] neutralizing the race, if the reason for doing so is because of a lack of medical staff available to continue with the peloton.

    Think Patrick should be more concerned with getting his team [read: lead-out] in order, and let the Prudhomme go about doing his job.

    Should probably also double-check the handles he includes in his tweets to ensure that the right people get his point of view.

    • Dave

      I do think that the UCI needs to look into how to communicate better with the riders and the team staff. A more professionalised sport like Formula 1 should be what the UCI should be looking to as a model for communication at least in the WorldTour and HC races.

      The signalling to the riders looked like it was being made up on the spot. How about a set of clearly defined signals which could use LED panels on the rear of the commissaires’ cars/motos and light bars on the car roof to signal the same sort of ‘flags’ as used in motorsport – red (stationary neutralisation), yellow (rolling neutral, do not pass the commissaires’ car/moto), green (race resumes) and some other signal (flashing blue/white perhaps) to denote upcoming road furniture or a roundabout. A simple and clear set of signals would avoid there ever having to be any repeat of the Sky nonsense last night or the Fiasco dello Stelvio from the Giro last year after which I made the same comments.

      The second step would be to augment Radio Tour with a text-based system as the Race Director uses to keep the F1 teams informed of what is happening, which just about all professional motorsport series have now copied. The use of canned messages where the details (e.g. rider numbers, kilometre xxx etc) would just be filled in could allow those text updates to be sent in just a few seconds.

  • Ant

    The neutralisation was confusing, sure. But the knee jerk reaction from Lefevre is laughable. Of course if the Tour’s entire medical support team is unavailable for a period of 20 min the race should be put on hold. It only slightly disrupted one early stage in a 3-week bike race. Perspective, people!

    @CT: Defiantly? Definitely?

    • Dave

      Indeed. Perhaps if LeFevre doesn’t think medical support is necessary for such a dangerous sport his riders could go without it and hope the Etixx team car has a bandaid or two on board.

      • Jessy Vee

        I’m still trying to work out if Lefevere thinks the ‘president’ of the UCI is dangerous… Maybe he meant ‘precedent’.

  • velocite

    Does describing the trigger fall as happening ” when the rear wheel of ..John Degenkolb .. clashed with the front wheel of William Bonnet” imply that Degenkolb swerved in front of Bonnet? Possibly in my ignorance I would have assumed the following rider was not concentrating – especially on a fine day on a straight road.

    I was gutted at Gerrans’s fall, and so sad to see Matthews struggling home.

    • SantoMoreno

      I watched the replay several times and it is hard to assing blame. Degenkolb was definitely moving towards the center fo the road, but it seemed to me to be more “drifting” than “cutting”. It seemed as well as if Bonnet had enough time and space to either mimic Degenkolb’s trajectory to avoid contact or to let his presence be known (the typical palm on the hip). Under such circumstances the old adage “protect your front wheel” could definitely apply… nasty crash either way…

      • Jessy Vee

        I agree. Looked to me like Degenkolb was riding a touch slower and moved across into the centre of the road, then Bonnet clipped his wheel because he wasn’t paying attention, was travelling a little faster, and maybe even drifted to his right a little… Kind of a weird movement by both riders. It’s a shame that such a small touch ruined the race for so many riders and teams. Best wishes to all riders in their recovery.

  • Kendb001

    Thanks race radios. Another giant crash! But it looks like JV’s team was smart, for a change!


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