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  • Derek Maher

    Good stage win by Rodriguez.The main bunch which included the stars were somewhat tired looking and on the last climb none of the small attacks looked convincing against the Sky Machine.

  • Survey Says

    So Thomas is now one of the best climbers in the world then. He’s come a long way since getting blown away on Wilunga Hill in theTDU.

    • Jake(Aus)


    • Elephant

      Yeah that was early in the season hey. What’s your point, do you think he’s doping? What’s up with all this wink wink crap, if you’re making a call make it.

      • Survey Says

        I merely made a factually based observation. I don’t know where you got what you did from what I typed.

  • Ralph

    Epic stage! Need coffee…


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February 23, 2017
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