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  • Lyre_bird

    That cable on the rear derailleur is very likely to be carrying a signal of some sort: they’ve used RG174 coax and SMA connectors, both designed for high frequency signals.

    • CC

      I agree. I like this approach in general. Sram is overly wireless.

      • MMB

        I also agree. Concept-wise the improvement is going to electronic control for shifting rather than wireless communication. It would make complete sense to have a wired connection between front and rear derailleurs as most if not all bikes already have some internal/external cable routing and there is no pivoting sections between them. This allows for a single battery (assuming that the transmitters in the lever hoods are piezoelectrically charged by braking action and not containing separate batteries) in the entire system and if they are really smart they can also integrate the rear derailleur motor into the front mech and just run a mechanical rear derailleur operated by cable.
        And if they are really going all out they could utilise the piezoelectric devices to introduce braking modulation within the same system. Pie in the sky, but technically possible.

        • CC

          wow, one servo. cool thinking.


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