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  • RayG

    Hope TJVG takes the same size.

    • mattb

      I reckon that’s wishful thinking, and unnecessary work for BMC painters. Cant see TJ needing it this year.
      I like that they didn’t make it too over the top yellow (wheel decals, bar tape, saddle etc etc). you can do that in Paris – not so much in stage 2, unless you are Tommy V of course!
      Be interested to see what Trek does for Fabian tonight – considering how much they are focussed on the new Madone at the moment

  • Steve

    What’s that attached to the rear of the saddle?

    • GPS transponder. Stay posted for more info on this …

      • Cameron Harris

        Gladly. From the coverage that I’ve seen on the SBS site, SBS free to air coverage and the Tour Tracker app, the only change that Dimension Data appear to be bringing is the advertising during the ad breaks, unless the names of who is in which group graphic (that was appearing the bottom left of the FTA coverage) as a result of the breaks is new.

        It wasn’t until the end of the race last night that the existence of a third group on the road was acknowledged – it was as if all of OGE and 120 other riders had dropped off the planet.

        • Owen

          The data was first used to show a live speed of Froome and Rodríguez as they ascended Mur de Huy.

      • Steve

        Thanks Matt


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