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  • Mark

    Always like seeing new Tech. I do struggle with bike companies making all these integrated things that the average rider can not build/adjust/fix though. Then they stick a Go Pro box on the front and change the entire Aero advantage. I like the Orbea with brakes and stem/bars you can see/adjust/fix, it is good to see a bike company thinking about the people that buy their bikes.
    Do you have any photo’s of Tom Dumoulin during the Time Trial. I would be interested to find out more about what looked like an Aero piece of equipment across his back under the skin suit. Thanks

    • Jaybo

      i thought the same thing with the gopro. these companies have poured millions into research for these marginal gains and then gopro sponsor one of the teams & slap a camera on the front and ruin the whole thing.
      i love gopros but i think it’s about time they put a bit of effort into making a more aero version, surely they can re-arrange the guts of a few of them for some special occasions like this?

    • Robert Efthimos

      We tested a GoPro – statistically not measurable drag when mounted in front of head tube.


      • JT

        Great article, thanks for sharing! I have been following what Alphamantis is doing for Aero testing, and I hope to test with them soon.

  • inopinatus

    That “Tacx” bottle looks like a rebranded Elite Crono Cx.

    • Jaybo

      yep good spotting, if it’s not i suspect someone at TACX has been shopping at alibaba, and may or may not get fired soon :D
      (i even counted the outer row of dimples – 13 on both bottles)

      • Daniel Hopper

        Both brands sell these bottles/cages to the public, maybe a joint design?

  • Neil

    Has there been any word at all on the FSA groupset that Tinkoff and Etixx were supposed to be getting? Also I thought Sram Wireless should have launched by now. It’s been on pro bikes for over twelve months…

    • Winky

      They probably are beginning to realise that using wireless systems to connect things that are already physically attached to each other (by handy hollow tubes) is just a dumb idea.

  • The most interesting piece of tech is UFO. Kristoff means business. I hope Cav has something special put on his chain too. Also, I must say that Look is the most underrated technical bike company & Orbea is the hipsters’ choice (less pricey & equally good).

  • Ian

    Great commentary and photos. Lots of interesting info.

  • Ron

    MTN Cervelos look amazing. Nice work!

  • Daniel Hopper

    The Trek Bontrager skinsuit look to be ether re-branded bioracer skinsuits or very close designed copies of them. A large number of the peloton are using very similar designs.

  • Cameron Harris

    I notice that Fabian Cancellara’s TT bike uses Di2 – he’s been famous for sticking with mechanical. Will be interesting to see what he’s running on his road bike today.

    • Here’s the bike that Trek were banking on him using tomorrow….

      • Matt

        I assume Etixx had a similar bike planned for Tony Martin?

      • Andy B

        not such a bad idea now ;)

      • Cameron Harris

        Better late than never! :-)

    • André Costa Silva

      Di2 on a TT bike has a much more sizeable performance and comfort advantage than on regular road bikes. Even he has to prefer Di2.

  • Cameron Harris

    I notice that Fabian Cancellara’s TT bike uses Di2 – he’s been famous for sticking with mechanical. Will be interesting to see what he’s running on his road bike today.

  • jules

    I like the rubber gloves. how long before the full gimp suit makes an appearance? :)

    • New Zealand National team were doing this before the UCI banned them in 2012.

      “Clothing can only be manufactured from textiles comprising fibres or threads that
      have the structure of an open-mesh fabric. Coatings and surface treatments that
      “close the mesh” of the fabric are not allowed, except for logos and labels…”

      “Rubberised skin suits, thermoplastic reinforcement strips and any coating on clothing
      that closes the mesh of the fabric are prohibited in competition. Checks will be
      conducted using a device that measures permeability.”

      • Moist


  • H.E. Pennypacker

    I’m a little unclear as to the manufacturer of the Bretagne – Séché Environnement time trial bike. Can anyone clue me in? ….


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