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  • Dave

    All is fair in love and war, but I really thought Sagan had this one. I hope he gets his win.

  • eutico

    Is it me or Avermaet close Sagan in the end. Not to excuse Sagan”s poor tactical skills.

  • VerticallyCompliant

    Battle of the bridesmaids! Good to see Van Avermaet get up. It gets a bit painful watching him lead out the other rouleurs all spring.

  • Arfy

    It looked like Sagan was more concerned with gaining green-jersey points, he didn’t have the “go for the kill” mentality in the final 100m. Interesting to hear he was angry with himself for sitting on. Tactically Sagan’s been pretty good in this Tour, especially when his team drops off at the 3km banner and leaves him to fend for himself. He just needs to get that aggression back to win at the line.

    • Believe me, he desperately wanted to win the stage. He was furious with himself after the stage. He’s definitely got the aggression, he just made a mistake in the final 200m (his words).

  • Bling looks like he’s getting better.

  • Roeland

    Does anyone know why MTN-qhubeka and Orica-greenedge joined the chase? They had nothing to gain, and indeed gained nothing except tired legs. Trying to gain respect in the peloton? Team grudges that are being played out?
    Bram Tankink of LottoNL-Jumbo already publicly stated he couldn’t understand the chase given by those teams.

    • Orica was riding for Michael Matthews and MTN-Qhubeka were trying for Reinard Janse van Rensburg I believe.


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