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  • Andy B

    Very Unfortunate this has happened, he looked shattered as did the team

  • Ralph

    Six abandons yesterday… what happened to Haas?

  • Dave

    Three stage wins and one day in the yellow jersey is a pretty good return for BMC, they can hold their heads high.

    It will be interesting to see what Dennis and Sanchez can achieve in the next three stages now they will presumably be unleashed. It’s almost a pity that the Gardener didn’t drop out one day earlier, last night would have been a good stage for the other two.

  • velocite

    That was true ‘reality TV’, quite distressing to watch. Has there ever been an abandon like that one? I wonder if we’ll find out more. And might this answer the question, if Porte goes to BMC, who will be the leader at the TdF?

    • Andy B

      Two pronged attack? with those two someones bound to get sick

    • Rodrigo Diaz

      There have been other instances like this, of high-regarded riders abandoning. I remember Mayo from Euskatel who was “convinced” twice by his mates to rejoin the race in 2004, that he eventually abandoned. Of course then all the evidence of pharmaceutical preparation came out, but the 2004 cobbles did him in, but still trudged on 10 more stages.


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