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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017
November 15, 2017
  • Arfy

    Having an independent, intelligence-led testing policy sounds good in theory. However I can’t help but think how this could lead to corruption within the 3rd-party organisation(s). I’d be interested to hear how the UCI protects against this threat.

    • Rodrigo Diaz

      Any rule-based activity is prone to corruption.

      But the alternative was having the UCI administering the anti-doping system (remember that?), and the NADAs administrating punishment. So instead of an arm’s length possibility of corruption you have direct conflict of interests (National Anti-Doping Association: “woops – our national champion rider just tripped the dope-o-meter… erm… six month suspension! With 3 served already!” – rest of the world: “WTF”???

      WADA, in theory, is independent.

      • Dave

        It is not the national anti-doping agencies (which are just as independent as WADA) which the UCI was talking about taking over the authority from, it was the national cycling bodies.

        For example, when Daryl Impey tested positive last year, it was the South African anti-doping body which conducted the test but the national cycling body which bought his ridiculous excuse and let him go free.

        I’m not sure what the best answer is. The independence of WADA and the national anti-doping bodies is only due to the fact they just do testing and education, not sanctioning.
        The UCI handling sanctioning would be fine if the UCI was impartial, but that’s not something you can depend on. For a start they look suspicious just for being a sporting NGO based in Switzerland, then there was the expedited TUE for Chris Froome last year, the lack of appealing Impey’s complete discharge…

  • Xpresso

    Well done referring to the TDF as the ‘men’s Tour’. Whilst on that topic, how are things going in regards to an actual women’s TDF being run?

    • Shane Stokes

      Don’t understand the issue. The question was to distinguish between that race and La Course, which was taking place in Paris at the time. As for your question about a women’s Tour, he answers that in the article.

  • Alex

    What a load of bullshit about the motor testing! How can Cookson possibly believe that only testing for motors when they hear “allegations” would be more effective than mandatory testing on every stage?? That system is so open to corruption it is rediculous

  • Jim Dunning

    Interesting how there is absolutely no information content in Mr. Cookson’s response to the question about mechanical doping.

  • velocite

    I agree with Brian Cookson on mechanical doping: I think CT have it a ‘little bit wrong’.

    On another matter, I may not understand the microdosing problem, because I was under the impression that in night time testing in competition was indeed important. No?

  • Bob Clarke

    Why not just test and “seal” every bike before the race? What do they call it in auto racing? Parc ferme or something like that. As far as drugs go – lifetime ban. No exceptions. Also people see the UCI like they were FIFA – it’s assumed they’re on the take. Want to appear clean and honest? Be so.
    Another thing I’ve always wondered about – why not hold a dummy race with 3 classes? Mechanical cheaters, dopers and regular riders. In a controlled test, let’s see what cheating actually does for one. With that information, one could then legislate accordingly.

    • Dave

      The UCI saying no to being based in Switzerland (along with FIFA, IOC etc) would go a long way to looking cleaner.

      And not bypassing processes to issue TUEs to riders from the same national federation as the UCI President would help too.

  • Derek Maher

    This half hearted testing for motors in bike frames is probably a result of people thinking the whole issue is a load of bull.
    I am inclined to think its all just a headline stunt and only helps to damage the sport.If the UCI are stupid enough to play along with this just get some airport scanner machines which have been outlawed by the EU for passenger testing and use them on bike frames.
    As for 24 hour testing on cyclists first how much is this going to cost ?. Plus are riders and Teams now to be treated as lab rats with no private time to call their own its all getting very Big Brother and the people demanding this are not even paying the Teams wages or organising and paying for the races.

    • Dave

      The motor issue looks like a classic beatup, mainly from certain journalists who took their failure to bust Lance personally (proving to be less competent than the US government!) and vowed never to be behind the story again.

  • Gollox

    Crazy to only test when they have rumours to follow. They should be random testing, or blanket testing all the bikes all the teams use. If they only test the winners or conspicuous performers, it would be possible for a GC contender to have a rest for a couple of days using a motor, without taking time out of rivals, then ride clean and win. This is so obvious!


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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017
November 15, 2017