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  • dynatella


    • Whippet

      Is that you Lance?

      • dynatella

        Now that’s original, how long did you think on that one? #whysomuchstupid

        • velomonkey

          I donno, bro, you are the 1st poster criticizing a person who got nailed because their offense was telling the truth. The truth knows no timeline: it’s the truth. Sometimes a lie takes decades to expose. Seem you might really need to ‘let it go.’

          • dynatella

            You donno? I’d probably have to agree. Since everyone is jumping to inaccurate conclusions I’ll say it a different way. Who is the bigger self-absorbed sociopath? Even Frankie looks at his wife ocassionally with that “where did that come from” look. Neither one is making the cycling world a better place.

            • velomonkey

              You’re comparing Lance to Betsy and asking “who is the bigger self-absorbed sociopath?” You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. (thanks for the laugh on that one, that’s a doozy. idiot. I have to call you an idiot after a comment like that. Have to. For the good of humanity, I have to.)

              • dynatella

                That’s the easy way out, I don’t expect any more depth of thought out of you. Thanks for removing all doubt so concisely. Carry on.

                • velomonkey

                  No problem, honey. Keep on posting you make me laugh (but then I get sad that humanity has people as self-centered and moronic as you, but then you post again and I laugh – it’s a great circle).

                  • dynatella

                    Ok, I have to conceed. Using valley girl/redneck talk and excessive punctuation wins the internet everytime. Wish I would have thought of that.

                    • velomonkey

                      Not to worry, my friend. The internet is full of imbeciles – 9/11 truthers, the alllivesmatter movement . . . the list goes on. You’ll find plenty of like-minded company.

                    • A

                      Mate it is blatantly obvious that she is an absolute nut case.

        • Whippet

          It was a serious question. I know Armstrong still trolls around trying to keep up his fight. Seems there is anger all around.

        • jake ashe

          liking your own posts is as pathetic as it gets.

    • jake ashe

      dynatella – you are so far out of this thread that you are clearly clueless.

  • Anthony Little

    Do people still really give a shit about this? Christ on a fucking cross people, move on. There is so much good stuff in cycling; why always focus on the tabloid worthy, bottom feeder news?

    • thomasrdotorg

      Because we need to shine a bright light into every dark corner of this sordid tale. LA must get away with NOTHING. once the hospital truth comes out, then we should focus on the comeback passport data and expose the lies he told Oprah.
      Then he should face criminal charges for perjury and finally he should be financially ruined.
      Unless we make an example of LA, cycling will repeat history every generation.

      • jules

        while making Floyd rich for doing much of the same stuff as Lance is being crucified for. if we’re going to shine a bright light into dark corners, why restrict it to the corner Lance is sitting in? there are a lot more than that.

  • Blake

    I’m confused. So his admitting to doping in front of however many people is proof that he was so super secretive? Seems like the opposite would be the conclusion. Why not say “Yep, I said it, and if I’m willing to talk about it so freely in front of an Oakley rep, you think I didn’t also talk about it around USPS people?” The only thing that makes sense is that Lance and Betsy are so bitter that they keep fighting over a single conversation that is nothing more than a footnote in history. “It’s the crux of everything.” Really Betsy? You don’t think the USADA report might be more important? And why does Lance keep denying this one incident after the Oprah confession? None of it makes any sense to me.

    • velomonkey

      I mean, really, this is somehow obtuse to you? Ok, let me try. It’s the not the hospital room incident in and of itself – it’s the first incident that Lance, under oath, completely lied about. The entire crux of the case that Betsy testified was that tour winnings shouldn’t be paid to Lance inasmuch as he was a doper and a cheater. The hospital room was an example of a larger picture. So, yea, it is the crux of everything – it goes to show the levels of deciet Lance and others were willing to go to. Recall too the Oakley rep was there and LeMond has her on tape basically saying the opposite of her testimony (i.e., that Lance did tell a room full of people he used drugs). Add to that the massive donation to the doctors and, well, you have fraud and cover up along with some good ole’ lying on the stand under oath. So, yea, it is kind of important – admitting to doping on ophrah is one thing – admitting to perjury on ophrah is something else.

      • Burt Fleming

        Great points, but if I may add to what you’ve already explained very well. Lance’s denials have to match everyone else’s denials. In other words, Lance had already committed purgery in the SCA Insurance case, Lance can easily have another charge by admitting this, and also put all the people in that room in the same position. Lance wants immunity, he wants to protect people that lied for him. How many people heard this admission? With the exception of the Andreus, everyone could face purgery charges.

    • jake ashe

      It doesn’t make sense because you don’t know the history.

      • jake ashe

        and calling the Lance thing a footnote merely magnifies your ignorance.

  • Gordon

    Now now girls and boys. Let us not get silly and resort to name calling just because we have different views…..

    Now my two bobs worth. Regardless of how you feel about Betsy this , correct me if I’m wrong, has mostly been bought out because of Uncle Floyd’s whistelblower action. Given this perhaps more focus should be on what is causing this not Betsy’s view. If it comes out that Lance was a bigger and longer dope than we all thought the implications are enormous for many as Burt has noted.

    Given this it really is pretty crucial in my view.

  • Neil

    I know I’m a lone voice on this, but I completely disagree with confidential medical records being made public under any circumstance, except with the permission of the patient, or in the case of medical investigations. People need to know if they visit their doctor, that they can be completely honest with no risk of disclosure.
    This is bigger than Lance, or cycling.

  • dynatellyasomethin

    Lance is still rich and powerful, with legions of lackeys and cynical carpet baggers.

    Estimates of his personal wealth at his height were around US$120-$140m, and Livestrong never really came clean about the connections or $ involved. It’s safe to say he hasn’t been wiped out, and being able to fund legal battles worth $5m a year haven’t bothered him either.

    The guys who funded him at US Cycling are still there too, some are behind JV, but none have had the spotlight shone on them. Verbruggen’s contact book would make for interesting reading.

    Oakley and Stephanie McIlwain are still there too. Neither suffered financially despite being complicit in a massive fraud.

    Meanwhile, Betsy and Frankie are hardly printing money out of all this. He’s only just got back into being paid for TV spots in the last couple of years.

    For the tabloids, it is being questioned whether McIlwain was sleeping with Lance at that time too…

  • Alan

    In the picture above; why dose the bike have a simple left brake lever ?
    There is no front derailleur shifter…

    • Dell Todd

      His climbing bike was 2x with DT shifters for the FD. Go Betsy!!!! She is fabulous.


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