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  • winkybiker

    I watched the video of the men’s race and I blame the course. That section just looks too narrow. OK, not cool to grab someone’s bike like that, but I could understand the frustration after twice becoming tangled in the tape.

    • Simone Giuliani

      It does look very narrow in the footage but that was a deceptive angle. It didn’t look anywhere near that narrow on the ground. This picture of the kid’s race from the day before on that same section might give a better perspective of the width.

      • jules

        you can see CJ squeeze PVdP on entry to the corner. he artificially made it narrower – not a function of course design/track width.

        • winkybiker

          Not how I see it. CJ was on the green grass outside the worn “race line” the whole time until he toppled to the left after becoming hung up. He was so far outside that his wheel caught the pole. Yes there was a shoulder bump earlier on, (on the entry) but CJ ended up wide on the outside and was the loser from that. Doesn’t excuse his subsequent behaviour but he obviously felt he’d been deliberately pushed wide.

          • jules

            have a look at this vision – as they jump the last log, CJ veers left, denying PVdP any angle into the corner.
            PVdP had 2 choices:
            – 1, take the corner at speed his entry angle allowed, and lose, cos that would have been too slow, or
            – 2, carry on, fail to take the corner and t-bone CJ. which he did. rough tactics but justified in that circumstance I reckon – even before considering CJ’s track record.


            • david__g

              Track record? Does CJ have form for this kind of crap?

              • jules

                is that a serious question? :)

                • Jones

                  To be fair I don’t think its all CJ’s fault here.

                  If I didn’t have any preconceived opinions about the riders I’d ALMOST say CJ looks like the victim here.

                  • jules

                    I thought that too at first but as per my comment above I now think CJ bears at least 50% of blame and initiated contact. I think you have to look at PVdP’s actions in context, after he was fouled by CJ. i.e. which makes them more justified

                  • Ben Greeve

                    Take a look at 11 seconds in the above video. CJ’s hand flicks up rapidly, like he’s just lost his grip on the handlebars, and I don’t think they’re his.

                • Tim Ashton

                  Not sure if the above was a serious question, but i dont know about CJ’s ‘track record’??. My reading of other comments make it sound like he has hit cyclists in his car…is that right?

                  • Ben Greeve
                  • We interviewed CJ a few years back on the incident: https://cyclingtips.com.au/2010/08/chris-jongewaard-interview/

                    • Spider

                      Did you get in touch with Matthew Rex for his side of the story, that would have been interesting. I always thought the criminal reports were very vague, what motivation did CJ have to run over his partner? None? So was it just a case of two drunk men making an awful mistake, one in a car, one on a bike – or was it more than that?

                    • MRCSC

                      Maybe it’s a time to do another interview, 5 years have passed. What has he given back to the sport or back to the community eg. road safety awareness, did he do any work with MAC or similar? From all the comments; their isn’t much love for CJ out there; personally I don’t know him/ never met him; could be a good opportunity for him to change some perceptions

                • david__g

                  I didn’t know the full story about CJ! Now I do, I wonder how he has ever been accepted back into cycling. What a turd of a human being.

                  • Dave

                    That’s nowhere near the full story either.

                    • david__g

                      Well, enlighten us?

              • Wookie

                Some comments here must look a bit opaque if you’re not aware of CJ’s history – yeah, he does have form, quite a bit, in fact. And then there’s his criminal record…

      • winkybiker

        OK, just the angle then. Plenty of room for fair racing.

        • david__g

          And even if it was narrow, no excuse for grabbing someone’s wheel!

          • Winky

            Agree with that, but I could also sense the frustration. I can’t imagine CJ is feeling the love on this one. Seems like he needs to calm the f%^$ down generally.

  • Justanotheropinion

    UCI rule 5.1.018 states that the course must be at least 3 metres wide throughout. Make Up your own mind on the width of the course used on the weekend.

    • nikcee

      i would have to ask if you were there and had the tape measure out?

      i know the comms had the rule book out and were checking everything, i rode it, walked it and have raced all the features extensively and can’t think of an obvious place where it was <3m. some corners definitely 'felt' tighter (hard 180 at the end of the greasy off-cambers, south end of the course as an example) but when i checked with the designer after previous races it was confirmed to be 3m.

      • justanotheropinion

        I never said it wasn’t <3m; Previous posts mentioned it was narrow. I just thought it fair to state the regulations on width for their benefit and as I said "make up your own mind". Course design is always going to be subjective and contentious. The commisaires will determine if they are happy with it. If not it can always be modified. I will say that where the course was flooded, I feel it it should have been modified or drained.

  • Justanotheropinion

    IMO; Both should have been DQ’d for what went on. Poor form by both but they were racing for sheep stations. I just hope CJ wasn’t driving home from the event and PVDP was riding. Cycling might have ended up with another outcome and front page news.

    • choppy

      After viewing multiple angles it is clear that PVDP gives a good push back but this looks to be aimed at stopping CJ holding onto his bars to make sure he doesn’t remount and get away first. Error by officials here is that they didn’t disqualifying one or both of them. This sort of stuff is not on and sets a bad example to younger riders coming through. CJ definitely should have been DQ’d and I wouldn’t have seen the problem if both were DQ’d.

      and yep, anyone who does a hit-run on a cyclist should have their license revoked (car and bike racing) and never ever be re-issued with a new one. Cant believe he can still get sponsors. Unlike the Adam Goodes situation, booing should occur every time CJ goes past!

  • OverIt

    Tough course, tough race, high stakes….. My 3y/o and any other for that matter would have done exactly the same…..

    • Rodrigo Diaz

      and, as a teaching opportunity, been disqualified as well.

      If for no other reason, “pour encourager les autres”. Now anyone can refer to this and pull, push, stick a rock on someone’s spokes, etc. and claim they shouldn’t be DQ’d.

      • OverIt

        Exactly, a 3 y/o could be excused for childish antics, Grown men should know better and set an example on sportsmanship by riding clean lines, and in the case of error causing a crash, re-mount and resume fairly.

  • Observer

    When I saw the first clip (from the other angle) it looked like PdvP initiated the push, but seeing this, Chris already had his arm up and on him. Up to that point it was a case of one rider defending his inside line, and the other needing to deal with that. Chris would have done the same, and it seems he’s done worse.

    As soon as Chris took the cheap shot of grabbing the wheel he lost and deserves all the condemnation he’s getting.

    He was only a couple of metres behind, and PvdP bounced around before getting back into motion. Chris spat the dummy and lost it then, having thrown his bike away to grab his opponent. If he hadn’t cheated and had that brain fade, the win was still gettable.

    Karma and the good bloke won.

    If anything I’d be more likely to come watch a CX race now.

    If only they could guarantee Joey’s spectacular crash every time. “Jooeyy!! Jooeey!” Hey, Joey’s ok…

  • Warren Jennings

    I’m not worried at all about the narrowness or the actual corner. VDP tried to come up the inside, Jongs chops pretty hard to close the door on him, they tangled, fair enough, rubbing’s racing.

    But then Jongs leans hard to the L as they get going, VDP lays a hand on Jongs with a solid shove which sends Jongs into the right barriers, which Jongs then retaliates pretty obscenely about. Its those last two things that raise my concern – started by the hard hand-push by VDP. Everything before that is aggressive racing, but that’s where it turns into a fight.

    • Bradley James Lawlor

      Paul shoved because Jongs was hanging onto his bars / pushed Pauls face. Pauls throw was almighty though, amazing.

      • Warren Jennings

        Yeah after a bunch of watches, Brad, I can see some heavy hand/ forearm work on VDP’s bars as they were trying to get going.

    • Ant

      The second video, the one in the comments, shows CJ clearly trying to stop Paul from getting going again after they tangled. Paul’s shove was to get CJ off his bars. The right man won in the end. CJ lucky to be awarded second. Just my 2c!

      • Bradley James Lawlor

        who needs lance as an idol when you have PVDP #webelieveinpaulvanderplow

  • Gavin Adkins

    Great to see plenty of love for Handsome Ransom!

  • hiplessbeardster

    On the positive side Lisa Jacobs wins third CX title. The ladies are leading the way again.

    • nikcee

      not only that but all but one of the ladies rode the hill in elites. thats a better record than the U23s and all of masters. they also buried themselves doing it each time setting an even higher standard of commitment to racing.


      • Simone Giuliani

        And the appreciation of it from the crowd was brilliant. The cheers for a successful, hard fought hill ride, (no matter where you were in the field) rung out right across the Fields of Joy course.

  • Spider

    Any pictures of the Zolder step, how high are we talking?

    • Simone Giuliani

      Here are some shots of the step from an earlier state series race.

      • Spider

        Thank you, wow that’s big!

        • Simone Giuliani

          It is. Initially at local races it seemed unrideable but then van der Ploeg came in and got over it on the bike every lap. Since then there has been plenty of practising within the men’s field to master it, with one rider even building a replica in his backyard. Now there are even B grade riders tackling it.

    • nikcee

      it’s regulation height (40cm) but as it’s on an incline depending on where you step from it can be bigger. previous race have had riders entering from the right which had a slower entry speed and made it harder to hop. Nats has a LHS entry and you could actually come in too hot. Plus it was a game changer for the front of each field if you couldnt hop it as it affected your setup into the ‘wall’ so everyone was going for it.

      fwiw – im the rider in the first pic.

      • Simone Giuliani

        Thanks for the insight Nik.

    • The photo doesn’t do it justice, but it’s quite high and on a tight corner: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a37aca3c12d215929862b709dc2c794891337451dbca2913cddafaf7bd1246ae.jpg

  • ed
  • ptyrrell

    Both should be DQ. Shove with a hand, and a Bike grab. Allowing third place to come up first.


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