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  • Andy B

    Definitely looks like form over function for this one, Hard to fathom a bike this light
    I thought my 6kg roadie felt light

    • Bob

      It does.

  • James H

    Look like aerolite pedals

  • Neil

    What I find most interesting about this is how heavy (by today’s standards) the frame is. You can buy a focus or merida off the shelf that’s lighter.

    • Marco

      You said it, “heavy” by TODAY’S standards. But for a frame build 11 years ago, with the “limited” technology from back then, I think it’s pretty impressive…

      • Bob

        I think his point is that if the frame was light by today’s standards, the overall weight would be even lighter. And this is crazy.

  • Simon

    Very happy with my 8.6kgs steel roadie. This was an academic exercise, interesting but far too fragile. Today’s 6kg off the shelf bikes are meant to be ridden. HARD!

  • Stuart Raybould

    fantastic #baaw to end it with!

  • Martin P. Hoff

    And of course it doesnt need light gears.. Because you’ll be riding up the mountain real fast.

  • Gordon

    What’s old is new. The rear derailleur mounting mechanism and overall look is very similar to Cyclo changers of the 30’s and 40’s.

    Also what is the deal with the saddle specs?. I see Selle Italia written all over it.

  • SK

    Is the front derailleur really Shimano? It looks like an older version Campagnolo (Ch, R or SR).


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