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  • Larry Theobald

    After watching the video clip, it seems to me to be just that, a “sporting incident” as the moto fights to stay upright (perhaps Van Avermaet slowed down or spectators were in the way?) the front wheel overlaps the cyclist’ rear wheel, but since the moto is heavier the cyclist in front goes down rather than the usual crash when the rider in back hits the deck and the guy in front rides away. Ochowicz used to be known as a nice guy, but lately acts more like Oleg Tinkoff or Donald Trump…does being wealthy cause this? “Millions of dollars in lost publicity”? For the owner of this team it’s “a second’s income shot to hell”, get over it.

    • dourscot

      No, they have a good case. The moto was far too close too his rear wheel for it to be safe. It was very poor driving.

      What is less certain is that he would have won. He had 20 seconds and 10k to go – that’s far from a sure winning margin.

  • Kyle

    lots of publicity now that this incident has gone viral mitigating any loss now….

  • Michael Scher

    This whole event is nothing short of outrageous. Outrageous that after a whole day’s racing, a rider’s lead and credible chance for a win can be wiped away by the mistake of a moto pilot, and cost the rider and his team a win in a world tour race. This is not ok, and would not stand in any other professional sport. Accident or not, it shouldn’t happen and if it does, there should be an agreed-upon course of action to mitigate the event and its consequences. If this is allowed to happen, then paying moto pilots to interfere with races could be the next match-fixing scandal. And why has the UCI been silent on the incident – this is exactly what they exist to do, so do it and do it immediately, or your raison d’etre becomes questionable. It seems the more professional racing tries to become, the more the UCI comes off as a confederacy of dunces…

  • Dave

    I’m sure that the race promoter will have set up all their contractual conditions to make sure any talk of legal action will be just hot air.

    • hornk

      It’s difficult to contract away liability for negligence.

      • Dave

        In Australia at least.

  • Ridiculous

    Didn’t a motorcycle crash into a rider at the TDF as well? I don’t think it’s too much for the riders to expect a safe racing environment (where it can be controlled).
    Sure, wild weather might not be mitigated but surely you can stop convoy motorcycles and cars from hitting riders. Are they waiting for someone to die?! (Phinney came pretty close)

  • Paul

    BMC have received more publicity from the crash than the winning rider and team.


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