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  • Derek Maher

    I hope that womens racing develops and expands so the ladies manage to get a decent living for their efforts.
    Not sure about this proposed 2 tier racing system where the top 10 teams must attend all of the world tour races.At the moment this could cripple the finances of some of the teams and lead to riders being let go instead of getting even a very basic wage.Also if the on the other hand race organisers have to foot the full bill of team travel and accomodation many of the races may not get off the ground.Its going to take a lot of hard work with the media and business to get backing and the UCI should not get carried away with planning over grand world tours given the economics of the project.

    • Dave

      There’s a simple solution – copy and paste the same sort of rules as used for men’s teams where there is an open division (UCI Continental teams, the same rules as UCI Women’s Teams currently operate under) and two professionalised divisions, but for the women it would need to start at only one pro division.

      Once that’s in place, let supply and demand sort out the rest.

      If the new Women’s WorldTour is beneficial, logic follows that lots of teams will apply to upgrade into this professionalised division and race promoters will fight to keep their races at this new highest ranking – it will become the de facto standard for international women’s racing including the minimum wage applicable to the division.

      If it doesn’t work, the teams will keep on operating under Continental rules like they do currently and race promoters won’t bother applying for anything higher than a 1.1/2.1 ranking. The whole project could then be quietly forgotten without anyone having taken a backwards step – except that this is the UCI we are talking about so they’d surely find some way to stuff it up.

  • Dave

    Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Cookson has any experience managing a private sector business.

    If he did, he would understand that pro cycling (for both the men and women) is in a position where they need to be looking at supply-side economics, not making cycling any less affordable than it is currently.

    • Derek Maher

      Hi Dave,Brian Cookson graduated from Manchester Polytech and had a carreer in urban renewal development.He became involved in cycling and worked his way up the ranks of the BCF.He has just been awarded an honoury Doctorate by Manchester Uni for his services to cycling.

  • Lulu

    Yipee – its nice to know that if i had daughters they could consider this as a future way of life (much like my sons think they can).


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