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  • Richard14009

    Good review. I have a Gabba and have worn it for the last year or so in Autumn and Winter. I agree with the comment that it is not as warm as fleece lined jackets and it best worn, if cold, when you are going to ride hard and keep your heart rate and body temp up. Do you know if the jacket loses its water proof qualities after washing? If so, how long does this take? I recall seeing some sort of product that you can buy to re-apply the nano particles.

    • Someone told me that ironing the nanoflex armwarmers will bring back the waterproof qualities, but I’ve yet to try it. It might be the same with the Gabba? I’ll find out.

      • Jason E

        I was chatting to you about that on the sickie ride Wade. Apparently the nanoflex stuff doesn’t have a waterproof coating so don’t use nikwax or similar. Rather nanoflex has silicon beads in the fabric which provide the waterproofing. The trick to re-waterproofing in 15 mins in a tumble dryer or a quick going over with an iron which re-activates it.
        A mate picked up one of these for $130 on Wiggle recently, which is pretty damn good. I’ve been wearing mine all winter and it’s been great.

    • Simon

      Just found this on Castelli site:

      What to do when a Gabba jersey lose it’s water repellency. When the jersey is
      dry, iron it at a low setting, use a piece of fabric or a towel between the
      jersey and your iron, or put it into the dryer on low heat to reactive the
      water repellent treatment of the fabric.

      Wash instructions
      and how to protect the repellence.
      1. Use powder instead of liquid detergent, and rinse in luke-warm water.
      2. Cycling garments should always be hung to dry or laid flat to dry.
      3. Never use a liquid fabric softener, which clogs the pores in the membrane
      and it loses the ability to breath.

  • david

    Available for a very good price on ProBikeKit right now…

    • Simon

      I just purchased on Open Road Cycles through the ad on this site and saved nearly $75 against the PBK price, happy days!

  • Robert Merkel

    Wish we could get these in club colours for racing.

    Or, more to the point, why aren’t more manufacturers offering a jersey like this?

    • Simon

      The short sleeve Gabba is available in custom, we’re looking into it at the moment with degrandis.

    • Peter

      MOA, Endura, Bontrager, Specialized, Kalas and many others all offer a Gabba-esque product.

  • claude cat

    I love my Gabba for winter months. Any risk of rain for the weekend rides and I’ll be wearing this and leaving the rain jacket behind. Only negative is that the material seems to “hold” road dirt, and you need to use something like Nikwash tech-wash to clean it (and keep the waterproof capabilities).
    I’ve got to say I’m a little disappointed with the nanoflex armwarmers performance. They are ok, but not as good as I hoped.

  • Tomer

    Sportful has a very similar product, the finder jacket.
    Cost a bit less, but in some aspect it is nearly the same product.
    From 2014, Castelli and Sportful are manufacture under the same roof, and in most cases under the same design.
    2014 Sportful and beyond got the same snug fitting as the Castelli brand, no more normal fit, all is hard core race.

  • Andy B

    Can anyone tell me how the Gabba compares to the Rapha Pro team Jackets?
    I have found mine to be excellent and had two good winter seasons out of it

    Time for something new I think

    • hinadaddy

      I have both — Gabba-2 Convertible Jacket Size S and Rapha Pro Team Softshell Jacket Size M (1st version available in Grey or Red). Keep in mind that Rapha just released their second version of the Pro Team Softshell Jacket (available in Black or Dark Grey), which is sized very different than the first version. I know because I actually ordered the Rapha new version (in size S and M) to try on, and ended up returning both.

      For warmth, I can tell you the Gabba-2 is about the same as 1st version. Fitting wise, you probably want to size down from Rapha Pro Team Softshell Jacket (1st version). I like my stuff fitted as this is designed to be, so you DON’T want have pockets of air inside, which means better temp control. This is why companies now days go with snug-fit.

      As a separate note —- the picture of the rider shown in this review has either the wrong size (too big), or Castilli’s cutting does not suit his body type.

      Hope this helps.

      • Andy B

        Thanks :)

  • Stephen

    Great review. Obviously this jacket isn’t for very cold temperatures (I live in Canberra and ride regularly in minus temperatures during winter). Anyone got a recommendation for a suitable castelli jacket for those temps or is it a matte of complimenting the jacket with a good base layer etc?

  • Zoogy

    I recently bought the Gabba 2 Convertible. It has a race fit at the size I bought it – large (I’m 5’10”, 173 lb). The question I have is, since it’s a “jacket” should I have room to wear a jersey underneath? Or just a base layer? It really feels like a thick fabric jersey rather than a jacket.


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