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  • jules

    I like to do a bit of bench press when I’m not on the bike as much.

  • Andy B

    A Mix of Pilates, Yoga, Some Weight Training all help make me a better rider
    Core Strength has improved and lower back pain reduced substantially
    If only Strava recorded these so I wouldn’t feel like im having a day off..

    • julierstratton

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  • byustudent

    One of my buddies (who is a much better rider than I am) does push ups so that he doesn’t break his collarbone if he crashes. We’ll see if that helps.

    I like to climb – climbers are equally crazy about their weight, and there are numerous pro climbers who look like they weigh 140 pounds despite being full grown men. So it’s not like all that added upper body strength has to come at a massive price in weight. Plus, climbing gives me my most functional strength. You won’t believe how much easier it is to move your furniture around when you can grip a tiny edge with no problem.


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