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  • CC

    Giuliano Calore is my new hero. AVB needs to recruit him for #everesting with no hands !

  • jules

    race court is in session! Modolo touched up Ewan there, but Ewan didn’t assert himself enough and left his front wheel exposed -> crash. in a club race I reckon Modolo would have a lot to answer for but in the pros there’s probably more expectation on Ewan to look after himself there. racing incident.

    • Tim

      OGE lead out man was also going too slow to hold front position into the straight. Ewan lost his opening and tried to push his way out- but clipped his front wheel and that was the end of his day- and a few others too.

      • Derek Maher

        Think I agree Tim,Ewan turned his front wheel and got clipped.Lucky no one got badly hurt.
        Kittel threw a handbag because Pelucchi rode a better sprint given the circumstances.

    • Gavin Adkins

      Agreed. Racing incident for the pros. Club level I would say DQ for Modolo, stern talking too about holding your line (for both riders), no fines or holidays.

  • Superpilot

    Nah it’s Ewan, it’s his job to avoid the wheel in front even if he gets chopped off. Tough break as not too much else to do, but could have slowed down. Dunno what Kittel is on about, he and Pelucci might have weaved close together, but they came around opposite sides of the bunch when the sprint was really kicking up

    • echidna_sg

      You suggest chopping someone is completely acceptable? and that furthermore a guy who was second on the previous stage, a designated sprinter should simply slow down in the heat of a mass sprint to avoid a wheel cutting across his path at 60+km/hr? Have a look at where the lampre guys ended up a the finish line and where kittel and pelluchi were at the time of the crash – they went too early… Ewan was in a great position, even if he had lost his leadout’s wheel at the time of the crash.

      • Superpilot

        Never said it was acceptable, but in absolutely any form of racing, whether cars, horses, bicycles, the rearmost must avoid the front runner until they are sufficiently overlapped. He was wheeling at that point, so must take care of his own business. I feel for him, you are right, he was right in it up to that point.

        I’m aware of the rulings around holding your line while sprinting etc, and I agree he got boxed in and then chopped, but the only person who could have avoided the accident, given the Lampre rider was moving over, was Ewan, by slowing down. In my view the rider in front was entitled to move over as Ewan only had his front wheel partially overlapped. Ewan isn’t entitled to force the rider in front to ride around him on the line that he wants to ride.

        And yeah, just saw the overhead of Kittel, he definitely lost the sprint from that incident. Geez they were a long way back too…

    • Michael

      Kittle wasn’t complaining about Pelucci moving right in the last 50m, it was at about 200m to go where pelucci moves right and touches Kittel’s handlebars causing Kittel to slow down and lose his kick.
      You can see the incident in the helicopter footage


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